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JA2 WH40K, english alpha version[message #321679] Tue, 18 June 2013 20:32

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Jagged Alliance is cool. Warhammer 40K is also cool (the fluff, not necessarily the board game. I stopped playing with little plastic men the day I stopped recreating tank battles with LEGO). So why not combine them both?

I like to add new game mechanics, and felt that this game could use more rpg mechanics. I like to flesh out my characters, and I like it when I can choose different playstyles.

This Mod tries to do exactly that. You will play your regular Arulco campaign... but the enemy will have succumbed to the ruinous powers, fielding all kinds of cultists and psykers... and your mercs will have to constantly resist the temptations of chaos... or openly welcome them, turning your team into another chaotic warband.

What does this mod not do?
  • add a new campaign, with new sectors and quests. Adding those to JA2 is a real pain. Altough I know exactly how I want a campaign to be, this would take me months, or even years.
  • add new mercs with WH-fitting dialogue. I do not make new mercs, and I don't record speech.
  • add tons of new items. I just don't see the point in having hundreds of guns that vary only by a small degree. I hate xml work. And I can't draw (rule of thumb: if any new pic in this mod looks bad, it was done by me, if it looks good, someone else did it).
This mod is built on the newest unstable releases. I will announce in the release thread (todo) which SCI (awesome little installers DepressivesBrot builds) should be used for this mod. Do not try to Frankenstein this mod with other mods. It will work with those that are compatible with the SCI itself, but I've seen enough threads were people try to combine thigns that weren't meant to be combined. You can try, but I won't help you.
This is savegame incompatible to any other mod and the 1.13 Unstable releases, so don't bother trying.

A few features might one day find their way into the 1.13 trunk, if the wish exists. Most propably not.

A few concepts of this mod might seem bizarre for those unfamiliar with Warhammer 40K, I will try to explain them when they come up.

To indicate wether a setting of a feature can be changed in inis: cursive numbers can be changed, they value here is the default value. I haven't finished a campaign with this, so things might feel over- or underpowered, please give feedback on this.

And no, there will be no space marines. They are so overpowered there would be no balance left. Besides, there are no fitting animations. Also, no Xenos (no, I will not define soldiers with big bodytype and green camouflage to be orks. That's a stupid idea).

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