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All side missions in JA:Flashback (with spoilers)[message #338345] Tue, 16 December 2014 23:15

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The following is a short reference chart to all missions currently active in the game. It's based on game files and it's not meant to be exhaustive (some missions might be still hidden as normal dialogue). In the future this might be expanded to a full walkthrough, but as it stands now it's just a simple check-up list you can confront to make sure you finished all missions. If I missed any mission you know of, please add it in comments and I will update the guide.

Chopper Down
TRIGGER: Marion (radio)
Look for survivors at the Helicopter crash
Reward: 10000 virgins

TRIGGER:Marion (radio)
The quest to get to Garcia
Reward: 9001 virgins

Farmer's Fate
TRIGGER:Spice (Badilla)
Check on Farmer Miguel
Reward: $1500

Farmer's Daughter
TRIGGER:Miguel (Farm)
Locate Farmer Miguel's Daughter at Lilitu Prison
Reward: Vicky 1 week contract & free shotgun
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Pay Your Respects
TRIGGER: Gabriela (Badilla)
Deliver flowers to the gravesite in Lilitu Prison; when you talk to Gabriela you get the flowers in your inventory automatically (make space) or in the squad inventory.
Reward: Warm Fuzzy Feeling + item from Badilla's citizen representative
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The Messenger
TRIGGER: Spice (Badilla)
Talk to the ferryman
Reward: $2000, opens route to Garcia

Treasure Map
TRIGGER: Gomez (Badilla)
Buy a piece of map from Gomez, find the other 2 missing parts, locate the secret treasure
Reward: a treasure? that's secret?

Bounty Hunter
TRIGGER: Hugo (Marino)
He's looking for the heads of 3 wanted criminals who are hiding in various locations on the island. Read the posters to get location information. When you deliver quest back to Hugo you need to have heads in the inventory.
Reward: $1200 / head
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Camping Trip
TRIGGER: Miranda (Marino)
Retrieve Pistols from Campsite
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Taking Sides
TRIGGER: Sondergaard (Marino)
Confront the Spigadoros, confront the Peacemaker, decide who you want to kill.
Reward: Buns or Maurice recruitable, nice drops
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It's Just A Sexual Favor
TRIGGER: Willie (Marino)
Help Willie with his problem, go entertain Sofia, Willie's wife
Reward: 23 year old rum
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Every Day I'm Smuggling
TRIGGER:Fred Bearpit (Tio)
Deliver the custom rifle to Bevis
Reward: $7000 / Custom Barrett / Custom Shotgun
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Who Gave My Girl Herpes
TRIGGER: The Pimp (Tio)
Find out who gave Sandy, one of the Pimp's girls, herpes
Reward: you find out the true value of a virgin
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Wine the Priest
TRIGGER: Priest (Tio)
Bring any bottle of wine for the Priest
Reward: you find out dirty things
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Throwing Out the Trash
TRIGGER: Pimp (Tio)
Get the rough-looking guy out of the bar without violence (make him play chess and beat him at that). Hint: there are two types of beer in the game, he only likes one.
Reward: You will look pretty in pink
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Hungry For A Vacation
TRIGGER: Mr. Lecter, Oyster Resort
Discover what happened to Greg Hamley, check the hotel for Greg's whereabouts then deliver the meats to the bear pit and find out about a strange cult.
Reward: a free trip to Bear's Pit?
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Light Affair
TRIGGER: Any of the 3 sisters
Secure the help of the sisters that run the lighthouses (Valeria, Violeta, Valentina)

OSIM acces
TRIGGER: Mad Thunder Mine foreman
Find the two pieces of the secret code to OSIM base door
Reward: Cool stuff inside to recruit and equip (it will blow you mind)
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Destroy Flak Cannons
TRIGGER: Marion (radio) when player gets to Angetta
Reward: makes the final 3 mercs recruitable.


Kill The Prince to liberate San Hermanos!
Find a way to Angetta, kill the Prince
Reward: You win the game?

Rescue Marion before she is executed
Reward: no virgins left in Heaven for you, sorry

There are 2 mines on Garcia you can liberate and use as a source of income: Gazorro and Mad Thunder Mine. You can find recruitable characters and some tips about other quests from local NPCs.

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