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I'm playing with the v1.13 7435 build, and AR for 4870. Haven't had any major problems until now.

After finishing Drassen central, I went to the sector inventory to loot it, but I noticed that whenever I'd put a pack or a backpack that had items in it into a slot on my merc, the pack would come up empty. Even just taking a full backpack off my merc and putting it immediately back on woud turn up with no items inside it. Examining the pack with RMB would show two 10mm mags (instead of what it was supposed to be inside), and that's what it would contain if I opened it after examining it.

There were 50ish killed enemies with DropAll, but even so, I've previously seen much more items in a single sector, so I don't think I've hit any limit.

I have a savegame from that point, and the issue persist after reloading or restarting the game. I can upload it somewhere, if needed.

EDIT: Looks like the bug is present in some of my earlier saves.

From what I can tell, it is triggered when I first try to take one of my (full) TT3day packs from my TIMS backpacks. Immediately, and packs, backpacks, LBEs and pouches will become bugged, i.e. contents will vanish when I (re)equip them.
Any packs, backpacks, LBEs or pouches that I have emptied and de-equipped prior to that will function normally when equipped.

It seems that the bug might be connected to the amount of (full) packs/containers I have nested in my other packs/containers; or nested items otherwise.

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Re: Disappearing items[message #341942 is a reply to message #335770] Mon, 03 August 2015 18:01 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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I've run into a similar problem in my current UC-113 game (using exe 7917). Items that I place into containers, when those containers are then 'closed' (dropped into sector inventory or placed in a slot where their contents cannot be viewed except via RMB), disappear after a while (such as when entering a new sector or after a battle). The containers will be flagged with the blue asterisk indicating there's something inside, but when the container is opened, it is empty and whatever had been placed inside has vanished from the game. Worse, if I try to examine one of these blue asterisk-flagged containers with RMB instead of just opening the container in an appropriate inventory slot, the game promptly crashes. This happens regardless of which character I use or which container. My entire game is now bugged, and it's rendered vehicular utility boxes worse than useless and prevents me from making good use of droppable backpacks. The game was just fine a few RL days ago (about a day or so in-game).

dropbox link to savegame and other relevant files

EDIT: after I got home it occurred to me that a possible cause for this bug is that I had upgraded the version of my game from 7680(?) to 7917 sometime roughly about when I noticed this bug crop up. Playing on a savegame from an older version of the game may be precisely why things went haywire. Just because the savegame loads with no apparent problem doesn't mean that everything is okay. I have since begun a new game with the very latest released SCI (whatever is the SCI version after 7917).

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Re: Disappearing items[message #342060 is a reply to message #335770] Wed, 12 August 2015 11:51 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Registered:December 2005
I've got the same problem and had started the game on 7917, so it's not an upgrade issue. Anyone have a way to avoid this?

I put down all my backpacks, and after the battle pressed the shortcut key (which I just realised exist) to pick them all up and.... nothing. Not a single bag was left.

I suppose I can get by somehow without my backup items but I'd like to know if there's a sure way to avoid this happening again, I'd really rather not start a new game with old inventory.
Re: Disappearing items[message #342468 is a reply to message #342060] Wed, 16 September 2015 20:58 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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Exactly - this bug starts to appear after you put bag loaded with stuff into other bag. After that things will be going wrong like you describe, eventually leading to crashes and unplayable game. I just recently experienced evidence, that putting one full bag into another just once is enough. After quite some more inventory manipulations I started experiencing stuff disappearing from bags, bags having all the same content and crashes. Fortunately, I make lots of saves and keep them quite a few days back just because of this one...

It's a known problem, I heard ,but its cause is buried in code no one was willing to debug so far. You just have to be careful, I guess. I met this guy on IRC who was willing to give it a shot just the same day a decided to - looked like fate or like that many people are annoyed with this one happy Guess we both gave up.

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Re: Disappearing items[message #342469 is a reply to message #342468] Wed, 16 September 2015 21:25 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Gorro der GrĂ¼ne

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Also carrying a filled bag in Your hands, it is not disapearing but overwriing with the conten of annother bag of the same type You have.

Putting marbles in an lbe and than walking around with filled lbes of the same type in Your hands will show You that.

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Re: Disappearing items[message #342486 is a reply to message #342469] Fri, 18 September 2015 04:10 Go to previous message

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I'm glad I found this thread! I've been storing items in multiple backpacks and doubling up by putting them in another bag. I'll be sure to stop, even if my kleptomania disagrees...the lack of inventory space for all the stuff i want to carry hurts [thats what vehicles are for i guess cheeky]
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