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icon3.gif  *Almost* sharing a coop campaign[message #358925] Mon, 03 February 2020 19:58
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Greets: Hi everyone, and since I don't post too often, let me take a second to say thanks for making this a great, helpful old-school forum for tactics game enthusiasts, and a big shout-out to the crazy modders who made multiplayer possible.

I recently went back into JA2 1.13 and being 100% aware that support for a full campaign isn't gonna happen, I have been toying with the idea of how to partially share the strategic experience.

The general idea:
1. Two (for the sake of example) players share a single save file.
2. They take turns playing it and send it back and forth between themselves for sector management and most of the "easy" combat like easy sector defense and road encounters.
3. Taking over sectors- that's where the real co-op operation begins:
- one of them starts a multiplayer game, co-op and the other joins. The sector of choice is the one being attacked by them in the single player campaign they send to each other.
- they hire the same mercs they have in their campaign and editing the xml by hand or using some of the tools shared here, equip them accordingly
- if the fight is lost, the one currently having the savefile kills off the mercs and the campaign goes on
- if the fight is won, the one with the file enters the sector, kills all the enemies via GABBI Alt+O, kills off all KIA mercs, wounds the wounded, and +/- uses up ammo and supplies
4. They attack as many sectors as they have time for and then the single player campaign continues happy

What what do you guys think of it? I used to back and forth a savefile with a friend in school some 15 years ago and it wasn't tedious at all, especially if you have a game folder specifically for that. Now most of us are busy adults with varying schedules, and I think this could serve well for two-three people who can find 1-3 hours a week to assault a town and then over the week take turns in managing defense and economy, and in a couple of weeks (well, unless they're playing on Insane) maybe getting close to victory happy

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