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I am playing on 7609. The only thing left to do is conquer Meduna. I could not really relate to the sticky as it is based on a different version and the old AP system.
What are your top3 guns for each category? Most importantly Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and MGs.
I feel like MGs are useless. So far the G11 is my favorite gun with the M4A1 coming in at number 2.

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None unfortunately, as the game progresses I loose interest because rifles, MG`s and in general most calibres lack the necessary punch IMO. I just get frustrated shooting the enemies square in the torso with a 7.62 rifle and watching them plinking away next turn more often hitting my mercs than not.

Of course my men are near useless and can`t hit the side of a barn even if so much as grazed by a .38 special for the next few turns or until bandaged.

As a matter of fact I am more successful with run&gun tactics or plain SMG bursts at close to mid range to be honest.

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I end up with Aug A3s, Scar H SVs, and AS Vals; SVUs, SR-25s, and VSSKs; and HK 21Es. Use 21E on high level machinegunner merc for suppression (in 7609?) and 'sniping' burst kills. Prone enemies seem easier to hit in the head then with other mercs.

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Re: Top3 Guns for each category (7609)[message #364202 is a reply to message #359893] Tue, 18 January 2022 00:19 Go to previous message
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XM-8 Sharpshooter is the most versatile weapon. It covers the sniper/auto weapons category and takes a GL attachment and suppressor. Machinegunner mercs will have a field day with this gun + tracer ammo and a 10x scope.

What sucks is, XM-8 falls off when facing off against elite teams, and at Meduna. The damage is lacking.

In my opinion, best Sniper is AIWM or Vynchlop. You need at least one Sniper Merc with a heavy hitting weapon like this, because 5.56 or 7.62 doesn't do jack squat against Meduna troops. Vynchlop is not as accurate as AIWM but it's perfect for mid-range stealth ops. AIWM can headshot kill from across the map. Any .338 Lapua ammo can do this, but I prefer AIWM.

Endgame JA2 is more about armor piercing + tumbling power together...Most guns do take AP ammo but 5.56 or 7.62 for example does not have the tumbling damage to kill. This is why Magpul PDR is better than P90 for early-mid game. Then at Orta/Meduna P90 outperforms Magpul, because P90 can use AET ammo.

In essence, range is the most important in the beginning, then armor piercing mid-game, and then late-game is all about AET or the biggest calibers like BMG or .338 Lapua.

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