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What JA2 could have looked like.[message #306241] Thu, 21 June 2012 05:06 Go to next message
This is a screenshot of what Jagged Alliance 2 looked like in the beginning.


For more screenshots and information about JA2 in the beginning stages(Sorry only in Polish), check out the Jagged Alliance Museum.

All of the original stis from these screenshots were included in the finished game. To view them, use slf explore and a sti viewer such as GRV.
Re: What JA2 could have looked like.[message #306554] Wed, 27 June 2012 18:06 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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I would be interested to know who the last two persons are (just female and male placeholders?):


But even more I'd be interested to know why Speck (as playable mercenary) and the Eskimo didn't appear in the final version of JA2 (although some really nice faces were created for them?) and what story/background was originally planned for the Eskimo (and don't forget to mention Gordon in this regard!)

Relating to the last mentioned I suppose that the mysterious vampire quest is still active Wink

Re: What JA2 could have looked like.[message #306589] Thu, 28 June 2012 19:36 Go to previous messageGo to next message
The last male pic looks similar to one of the I.M.P. portraits.

In the Russian forum, they have a working version of Eskimo complete with Russian voice.

Was Speck intended to be playable or was his files included because of his character on M.E.R.C.? I was under the assumption that he was never intended to be playable.

Gordon serves his purpose in my opinion. That vampire quest is CRAZY though. I can't believe there are still people that haven't seen that stuff!
Re: What JA2 could have looked like.[message #307896] Sun, 22 July 2012 19:08 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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I bet many people would appreciate this in English... Anyone up to the task? Wink
Re: What JA2 could have looked like.[message #362747 is a reply to message #307896] Wed, 24 March 2021 22:21 Go to previous messageGo to next message

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I remember this screenshoot. It was in gaming press before game release (E3 1997 ?).
Anyway this interface is not so bad (just need to change font and move stats on the left side).
It seems it was interview from 2000 for JA Galaxy (it was translated to polish). Maybe someone have original version of this interview somewhere ? I would like to play this alpha/beta version (it is not a demo anyway & there is no green morale bar) big grin

[Updated on: Wed, 24 March 2021 22:26]

Latest JA2 v1.13:
JA2 Vault (Repositories): https://pastebin.com/MJFckiaq
JA2 v1.13 - Starter Documentation: https://github.com/aimnas/1.13_starter_documentation
How to speed-up JA2 loading/saving: http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=24775&start=0&
Re: What JA2 could have looked like.[message #362761 is a reply to message #362747] Fri, 26 March 2021 04:13 Go to previous message

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Always interesting seeing the WIP stuff. I did wonder where some of the older laptop icons were used, as like a few other graphics they are still retained in the original JA2 SLFs even if they aren't used in the game anymore.


Another poster did have an Alpha build that he purchased online some years ago, there's some great earlier art of some of the mercs faces that evolved in later builds. Check them out here;


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