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Every moment when you have an AICW with thermobaric charges and a tight cluster of enemies.
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I was on my way to the sector next to Balime to buy the Hummer from Dave, when my team got ambushed. Bull ran inside for cover, when an enemy threw a mustard gas grenade, which ended up hitting poor Dave. RIP Dave, and no Hummer for me. Luckily I still had the trusted ice cream truck, although it was slightly banged up after a fight. Didn't bother trying to fix it.

Next, my team defended the Grumm mine from invaders, when Wolf decides it's a good idea to take them out with a LAW. Well, he partly succeeds, but also hits the truck, which is now down to 16 in health! Whew, at least it's still fixable. Immediately afterwards, Malice shoots at an enemy with autofire. Well, half the bullets miss and end up hitting the truck, which goes up in flames! So now I've managed to botch my team completely vehicle-less.

My most priceless moment happened in a previous game. My team was sleeping in one of the desert sectors, when a group of enemies attacks them. Groggy, Raider gets up, aims his sniper rifle and fires, failing to notice another merc is standing right in the line of fire. Oh, and the merc just happens to be Raven. Raven's head explodes and splatters all over her husband, who goes all hysterical and does that "Baby I'm so sorry" bit. Yeah, this time you have good reason to be! It should also be noted Hitman was watching the whole thing from a meter away. Probably wasn't too happy with his rival.

Unsurprisingly, all my priceless moments could easilly go to the stupidest moments -thread. Smile
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Those are good ones!
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The Arctic Fox
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I was taking my squad (IMP - Saint, MD, Barry, Igor, Scope) to attack Cambria. I was taking the top left tile, the university, coming from the north. I set my team up in the north east behind several trees and snuck Scope in to do some scouting.

It went well at first, Scope moving to the rubble next to the house on the top right, and scored a kill on a sentry outside that house using her silenced .338 Lapua rifle ( if forget the actual name) I moved up the rest of the team with the plan to use the house as cover and funnel them in. However, at that moment, reinforcements must of arrived because instead of the 12 or so enemy i was expecting, there was a great deal more.

Scope began to take accurate machine gun fire, so i ordered her to return to the group as fast as possible. The team was having their own issues as enemies poured out of the school and took cover behind the short wall surrounding the campus. Their line was spaced enough that using the outside of the house was no longer feasible, we needed to get in. Saint ran around the corner and straight for the door.

Locked. Crap.

As i ended that turn, Barry got an interrupt and i noticed in his inventory was some TNT recently acquired from the Hicks cache. And i always have him carry some spare remote detonators. I used the interrupt to unzip his pack, grab the bomb, prep it and zip back up.

The next turn Saint and Igor took some rounds but their armor absorbed most if it. Barry set the bomb down and ran for cover. Saint and Igor ran around the other side of the house to escape the withering fire. Next turn, Barry hit the button and the wall collapsed, allowing the team some cover.

"I knew you were feds!" Oh, T-rex? Was this your house i just blew up to save my life. He ran out of the ruins, stole Scope's rifle and punched her out. Barry unloaded with a burst of AK fire, killing the wanted man.

As MD went to administer aid to Scope, Saint and Igor were setting up in the living from of the former t-rex's former home. Saint had a Dragunov and Igor was using a sweet decked out FN carbine he had looted off of a gray shirt.

But the short wall was absorbing most of the fire that my team was shooting and more enemies were arriving. After 3 turns of trading fire, the turning point came quickly. Saint took two rounds to the chest and Igor took one to the head. Both were severely injured. MD rushed into the hell house to give aid while barry replaced ivan on the window, pouring unaimed automatic fire to keep the enemy back.

At this point the team had only killed one soldier and the situation looked grim, so i decided to cut my losses and bug out.

Scope had recovered enough to pick her rifle up from T-rex corpse, only to find that it was missing the 10x scope and the bipods. Broken in the struggle? Who knows. No time to ponder. As Saint, Igor and MD move to evacuate the rear of the house, She fires a barely aimed shot at an enemy rifleman, catching him in the head, which exploded all over his compatriots. At the same time, one of the rounds from Barry's AK got lucky and nails a soldier, killing him.

An injured Igor sets up next to the house to cover barry's egress, putting the carbine on full automatic. He critically injuries two men, one of whom would die before we left. Scope spots a redshirt attempted to cut off our retreat by flanking, so she drops him with a .338 to the chest.

We then successfully fall back a few zones were the heli is waiting to return to Drassen, Where we regroup and recoup.

The Log says "Failed Attack on Cambria" but considering the amount of fire we encountered, the success of our improvisation and the proper application of combat tactics, i'd say it was pretty successful.

Epilogue: I returned to the university two days, this time with fully upgraded rifles and a mortar team of Grunty, Razor and Haywire in support. But alas, there was no recreation of the epic battle. Most of the enemy had left the sector, leaving only five men behind, each one falling to a single snipers bullet, 3 for Scope, 2 for Saint.

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A silly one I had recently in my first game since I reinstalled JA2. It was in Drassen Airport, we're holed up behind the hangar that serves as Waldo's office and the soldiers are obviously not coming for some reason (it's been about 5 minutes at that point since any came), so I decide to send Ira and the IMP check while the other two mercs I have watch their backs.

Nothing on the IMP's side. Ira spots a soldier, she gets the first turn, I figure it's an easy shot. She misses the head but gets a solid shoulder hit with the Mak she looted from a yellowshirt on the way to Drassen. And then she gets interrupted by a soldier she hasn't seen yet, who comes with two pistols... And proceeds to land every single shot in the soldier in front of him, finishing him off at the same time (she ended up getting another occurence of this in the same game).
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Gus, Shadow, Lynx and my IMP try to kill a wounded red shirt, they're all using m4s with x7 scopes and laser sight at ok range from the enemy... They all miss.

Waaaay in the back of the field I realize I forgot about Ira again... I try to hit the reshirt's head using Ira's Ak47 with no attachments just for kicks and she actually hits it...

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Gus, Shadow, Lynx and my IMP try to kill a wounded red shirt, they're all using m4s with x7 scopes and laser sight at ok range from the enemy... They all miss.

Waaaay in the back of the field I realize I forgot about Ira again... I try to hit the reshirt's head using Ira's Ak47 with no attachments just for kicks and she actually hits it...


I hate it when that happens.
My IMP who has 94 MRK, misses easiest shots, then makes the extremely improbably ones.
Or misses, then IRA or Dimitri gets the kill from the same range/difficulty etc.
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Great thread!

On my first playthroughs (playing a game at home and a slower one at work at lunchtimes and slow afternoons), so I don't have too many "moments" yet. Have seen one of mine take a big hit and then do a header off the roof, and have had two "splatter" headshots so far. Defended the west SAM site with a weak team including Biff and Flo, and laughed at Biff whining nonstop during the fight (and both of them's surprised remarks at actually hitting/downing a foe).

Guess the best thing was Flo and a bunch of militia defending central Drassen - she was there waiting for Carmen to show up with bounty money, and was hiding in the bar. She fired her pistol several times out the window (I imagined her cringing below the window and aiming blindly out it over her head), and not only hit more than once, she put down one of the attackers.

I have to say, I regret I'm only now coming to this game, I love the depth, and have laughed a number of times at the remarks by the mercs.
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My squad of five mercs is clustered at drassen, south-western part of map. 6 elites come out from the adjacent sectors and spam grenades @ my team. And OH DEAR LORD, they all miss.
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First encounter with Mike - Central SAM site, in that "trap" building to the SW. I had a save game as my troops broke into the building, so after finding Mike and having him blast a merc, I went back to the save, and had everybody run back out of the building as the alarm was tripped. Gathered outside, redshirt comes out and gets zapped, and then Mike follows him out. I get a full turn (no interrupts on either side from his appearance and speech). First merc throws a stun grenade, flattens him (and he drops his G11). Rest of my team blasts him over two turns, he never gets back up or takes another action. Pretty cool!
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Drassen...Buns climbs on the roof of the bar in the mine sector with two of IMPS I was running at the time and takes up a sniper position with an old Russian bolt action rifle (Mosin
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[quote=Buns]War, what is it good for?


This is very interesting and impressive you should be proud. I've found in my experience night combat can be a great equalizer. I've had some big time fights at night where I've cut the enemy down. You stay close and support each others, and use barriers like walls (water is my favorite since you can hear them coming) and you cut them down.

One of my proudest JA2 moments was when I had three mercs in the junk yard ambush 19 regulars and commandos. Threw all kinds of grenades and between the gas, smoke, and explosions we wounded all of them and than emptied magazines into them. Their last soldier alive was wounded and managed to wound one of mine before dying. It was a great victory, and it sounds like your's was the same.
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Just reinstalled ja2 once again after having fun with open general for a while. I am running AR 1.13 and having tons of fun.

As for my recent priceless moment:

Having Igor injured and being healed near Kingpin's mansion by MD I make a raid on the abandoned mine with two IMPs and my "mechanic" Moses. Since it is my first time hiring him I was oblivious of his "shortcomings" and cursed the day I spent a bloody cent on the old fecker. The raid turns to a standstill with us holed up near some rock formations near the compound entrance moving down enemies but getting dangerously close to being flanked and overrun. One of my merc and Moses already got shot with around 5 black shirts and 2-3 refd shirts getting dangerously close. I am considering retreat and decided to pull back next turn.

Red smoke pops up on my IMP..

Knowing what it means I haul ass, one of my mercs makes it outside the danger zone, the other on border while the old slob lagging behind. Enemy miracoulosly misses a few shots then it's my turn.
I keep running with my merc then BUMM! Shells raining down on us obliterating the "mechanic" causing stun damage to one of us. We turn the tide of the battle and overcome the enemy soon after.

I am undoubtedly happy for getting rid of the old schmuck especially knowing that at least the insurance money will recoup some of my losses.

This was my first experience with a mortar strike and surely unforgettable.

EDIT:Sorry for the necro, but a thread like this surely worth resurrecting.

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Stanley Freeman

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Aye, my sentiment exactly


War does not determine who is right — only who is left.
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Happened a while back. Simple battle in san mona. My IMP is using an Ithaca 37. Fires it, then a redshirt came up, took the gun, found they have to pump it, and then ran out of AP and promptly had his head explode from a point pistol shot to the face. Calmly grabbed my Ithaca from him as he fell.

I have no Wife, Children, or real Job. This also means I have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to think of a rebuttal. You have been warned.

"I got another problem: I am being overrun by Dinosaur Nazis on Hoverboards!" -Ravenhugger

"Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He's a mile away - and you've got his shoes!" - Unknown Criminal
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One time after i secured Cambria, the army made an attack to retake G8. Mike was leading the charge and moved to one of the wodden hoeses. Then it was the armys turn and one of them to a long burst on one of my militia ...
The burst went right through Mike´s backside, killing him instandly with way over 100 damage.
Left my mouth wide open.
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I just tried to take Orta above ground facility. Just have my 16-merc team equipped with spectra and elite guns. Even with that, i encountered about 15 elite soldiers outside, which dealt huge amounts of damage from rocket rifles to 4 of my mercs, which i then pull back to the edge of the screen and place to another group number. That is even if they almost gets no shots off at all. There must be only one or two enemy soldiers left, most likely elites with rocket rifles.

Went to the door at the back of the building. Cut hole in the fence. Found a LAW that i gave to Gus to blow a hole in the building, after throwing a smoke grenade to the wall to not get interrupted. There is no hole made in the wall. So then i have to get the highest health merc with compound 18 spectra gear with ceramic plates to open the door, while everybody else lies on a row outside to hopefully increase chance of getting first turn. No enemies in sight inside.

Throw 3 smoke grenades inside, gets 10 mercs in and lies down in a row. A new learning experience for me: If you do not throw smoke grenades in very quick session, they will dissipate slightly delayed from each other. That means that Gus was the only merc out of 3 mercs that got interrupt on the 2 elite mercs waiting inside, since he had high enough experience level. All the other 7 mercs were still in the lingering smoke devil

Gus put one 7.62 NATO bullets in each of the elite soldier's heads, but sadly not enough, he died with 1 -ONE- single rocket rifle shot, lost all his life in one shot, even while being prone AND with compound 18 spectra gear. That was devastating devil so then now i have to do the entire sector again since i play Ironman.

That's life when you play on the hardest and Ironman happy 30 minutes wasted.

Next time, i will have to approach from different angles, and try to blow holes in the wall from other places.
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