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List of broken quests and bugged NPCs in Urban Chaos 1.13 Experimental (v4.6)[message #364532] Mon, 28 March 2022 19:29 Go to next message

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It's commendable and awesome that the old Urban Chaos mod got reworked for recent 1.13, especially with all the AFS stuff added. The maps, the guns, almost everything makes for a great experience.

However, there seems to be a lot of bugged or unfinished NPC side-quests, which can be quite frustrating going on a wild goose hunt after an NPC dropped some quest hints, only to find the later NPCs missing or bugged (especially since there is literally zero information about them online, apart from the Polish site NPC descriptions and some quests FAQ, and that isn't entirely correct anymore. Many of the initial e-mails from general Dunlop are also buggy, as they contain no text.

I am aware the original UC authors are long gone and Wil473's very hard work on updating UC went more into the data side and compatibility, not the side quests.

I'd like to make this thread to discuss the quests and side quests - which ones work, which ones only partially and which ones seem to be outright unfinished or missing, so any other new UC players don't have to go on wild chases after missing content like I did. I know side-quests aren't the main reason people still play UC (probably more after the setting and maps), but when any quests are not working, it can be quite confusing when you go chasing after a missing NPC. Better to have such information in one place, instead of randomly being asked in years-old bug report threads...

Please feel free to add any I might have missed (with spoiler tags), I haven't even finished UC113 yet...

1. Kingpin's offer of $20,000 for the MOC disk - Broken, he turns hostile.
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2. Rescue Miranda quest - not broken per se, perhaps, just confusing, as looks like it's impossible without making the whole PIN group hostile very early in the game.
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3. Walter Smirnoff & Gun Runners - Broken NPCs (not a quest per se), some dialogue never seen and they turn hostile without reason.
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4. Lynn quest (Factory manager using child labour) - Bit broken quest, NPC and dialogue.
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5. Satan's Sons quest & leader Bruno Stolitz - Unfinished and broken quest (aka Martha & Joey).
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6. Danubian National Police Chiefs - the bright-blue uniform guys in Calisto and other cities - hostile on sight (unlike rest of DNP), but probably as intended?
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7. Carmen's headhunter quest - the Crepaton managers and their heads (aka terrorists in original JA2). Not a bug, just a warning to players.
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Any others I missed? Thanks.

BTW, all played and tested on latest recommended UC113 4.6 and 1.13 r8675 or later versions (I went back to 8675 to retest the bugs there). It's of course possible some of them might be due to some unknown error in my JA2/1.13/UC1.13 setup, but at least some of these seem to be in the UC113 map files themselves, so I think it unlikely.

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AFS,UC is not updating anymore by wil473 since 2019 year.He stopped developing.

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