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1.13 introduced great character traits and skills. At the same time, other changes affected the attractiveness of some mercs. For example, no more to-hit bonus for psychos, or generally easier to raise skills and level up makes the expensive mercs questionable for their price. Some mercs got shortchanged with the new skills they got. Or new skills were introduced but too few mercs get them. Here are my suggestions to rebalance:

You can do these changes by modifying MercProfiles.xml in TableData

Hamous: add Survival.
Dimitri: replace Demolitions with Technician. Dimitri was an apt mechanic in vanilla. In most 1.13 versions, demolitions boosts grenade throwing but that still no reason for him to somehow become an explosives specialist.
Bull: add Melee. Bull was special in vanilla because he was the only h2h expert. Now he's inferior to Grizzly in every way.
Vicki: replace Gunslinger with Technician. In my games I just add it instead of replacing.
Trevor: add Radio Operator. Most expensive merc when he levels up, this deserves a 4th skill to choose him over Barry, Rusty and co.
Fidel: add Auto Weapons. His bio mentions proficiency with firearms. H2h is not that useful without stealthy and/or athletics. Lost the psycho to-hit bonus in 1.13.
Sidney: Gunfighter Throwing. No reason to recruit him otherwise for his price.
Gus: add Teaching. With first row mercs reaching level 7 by the time you capture your 3rd mine, he's too expensive for what he brings without a 4th trait.
Buns: add Scouting
Cliff: add Marksman
Raider: add Hunter. As it stands there's little reason to pick him over Len or Stephen.
Static: add Radio Operator... with that name, he just had to!
Len: retain no evolution but reduce salary 2000 / 13000 / 25000. Got less attractive compared to other mercs now that they all gain skills and levels faster in 1.13.
Scully replace Throwing with Auto Weapons. Melee and throwing become less useful later in the game against tougher encounters. Nothing wrong with that except when these are the skills of 3rd most expensive merc and typically gets hired later.
Malice: replace Melee with Athletics. H2h and melee are a bit redundant and hardly benefit one another.
Nails: add Hunter
Doc: add Teaching
Stella: add Deputy
Blood: add Survival. Otherwise little reason to choose him over Dr. Q.
Fox: replace Teaching with Gunslinger. She only seems to have teaching because she's a woman. Ambidextrous is only really useful when paired with Gunfighter.

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I agree that some mercs leave something to be desired. Raider fell in love with his ace sniper, Raven. So, since his wife is a pro shooter, makes sense that he's a marksman himself at least, must have something in common.
One thing that has always bothered me about Len, who was always a must in my vanilla games, i like the character, it's that he is still a Corporal. He's got gray hair, he should be a Major at least, like Spike or Ivan. Also agreeing about Blood to have scouting/survival. His bio mentions that he's an expert in jungle warfare and an expert at throwing knives. He is also black, harder to detect in the night, with or without camouflaged face.

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