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For some time I take great pleasure in researching and writing quotes of mercenaries,here's what I found good reading ; )


Large Crepitus spoted
The enemy fled the area
Enemy hidden in sector
Gory death/See rotten corpse
You Merc have a low morale
The merc increases one of his stats/Level up
the merc is surrounded by enemies

Large Crepitus spoted


Barry:"Please,tell me I am just having nightmares."
Blood:"Jellydog,that's one ugly son of bitch."
Bull:"That's one well-fed maggot."
Buns:"Tell me that's not real. Tell me I'll wake up,and it will be gone."
Buzz:"There's something about it that reminds me of Lynx."
Cliff:"Bloody insane! I swear I was holding a magnifying glass to a dung beetle that had the legs of a rabbit."
Danny:"Jesus H. If that's a tapeworm,I'd hate to see the guy who passed it,eh?"
Dr q.:"If I were superstitious,I might well see these fearesome scuttering insects as omens of doom. But they are no more or less portentous than man himself."

Fidel:""Dis big scary thing... be fun to kill!"
Fox:"Look at the size of it! Oh,my... I hate insects. Even the ones you can squash with your foot."
Grizzly:"Jesus. Who the hell invited my mother-in-law?"
Grunty:"Aww,isn't he cuddly? I wonder if they can be domesticated. Probably not."
Gus:"Holy horsecrap,Woodman! Ya never mentioned nuthin about gigantic bugs!"
Hitman:"Now,what kind of critter is that ? It's the size of a freakin' Buick!"
Ice:"Check out the goon with the jaws! Man,I hope that thing stays outta my face."
Igor:"Holy Lucky strike. That looks like the worm at bottom of tequila bottle... I would not like to see bottle."

Ivan:"Shitbag!" (the rest of the text is in Russian)
Len:"I have to confess,this is a new type of warfare for me,sir."
Lynx:"What the hell? I swear it's a huge termite. How many chances do you get to bag one of these?"
Magic:"Bet that'd make a crunch if you stepped on it,man."
malice:"I know a dancer who 'ad something dat look like dat. Well mind you dey were samller. Bien,dey were a lot smaller den dat... You could break dem in your finger."
MD:"Oh my God! That's... well,Phylum Arthropoda,class Crustacea,but... what are they? Krill? Brine shrimp? Copepods? Jesus,I think they ARE Copepods... only a few
thousand times their usual size!"

Meltdown:"Izzat what all the fuss is about? An overgrown mudpuppy? I'll split 'em from head to toe and feed their guts to my rotweilers."
Nails:"Blowing those things away is gonna be a whole lot of fun. Hahhaha."

Raider:"Good Lord! Talk about your jumbo shrimp!"
Raven:"Are those real? God,they are! They're like something out of a B-horror movie!"
Reaper:"Look at that! Like gazing upon the face of Satan himself. Absolutely mesmerizing."
Red:"Good Lord! It looks like haggis... with legs!"
Scope:"Burnt Biscuits! How can such a beast exist? I would never accept such a a tale if I was not to lay eyes upon it myself."
Scully:"Bloody Creepers! Reminds me of me ex-wife lawyer."
Shadow:"What I need is a 50-foot can of something really bad for the environment."
Sidney:"By jove! Looks like a bloody ant,or, or worm,with kangarro legs."

Spider:"Oh Christ,it's a bug. I mean,it's arthropoda,So,it could be a crustacean,but I have this thing about bugs... I can't look at it. I'm sorry,I cant
even look at that thing."

Static:"Big bummer! I've seen one of those before,man. I think it was ah... '67,or ah,'69. Of course,then it wasn't real."

Stephen:"Looks like huge head lice. Though I doubt theres's a treatment for it."
Steroid:"Jesus and Mary. I would not have thought such monsters existed."
Thor:"Mein Gott! it's like something prehistoric,something out of time,it's fascinating,and it's hideous,and I can't look away."
Trevor:"Holy-doly! I never seen one of them before."
Vicki:"Holy big sister,this is the first time I ever been seein' a real live Jabberwock. They be ugly things,man!"
Wolf:"Look at the size of those things! I sure hope the next step up the food chain doesn't hang out here too."


Biff:"oh my God! Let's hope they're friendly."
Bubba:"Chilicake! What kinda big douchebag is that?"
Cougar:"God almighty,look at that. Now activating involuntary gag reflex."
Flo:"Mon Dieu What in the world is that? I cannot believe it! I do not want to believe it."
Gasket:Whooee,that ugly sumbitch looks like when I had this thing where they tok out most of my colon 'cuz I O.D.'d on some pumpkin seeds,and like,that's what my colon
looked like, I think."

Gumpy:"God,that's awesome. Spielberg himself couldn't have come up with something like that. Wonder what he'd pay for some of its DNA."

Haywire:"No way! Look at those big-ass worms... haha!"

Larry:"Looks like it's from an evil swamp or something,sir."

Larry (second quote):"Holy cockroach,Batman! Hate to see the fridge they crawled out from!"

Numb:"Cor! I seen something like 'at before. The kiddees,they get these little pet alligators 'n flush 'em down the loo. They get all big and albino and malformed from
the sewer crud,y'know."

Razor:"Yeeeha. Y'ever pull a cat inside-out by its tail? Well,right there is what she looks like when yer done. Only the cat's smaller,y'know?"

The enemy fled the area


Barry:"The enemies have retreated from sector."
Blood:"They've gone running back to mama. We're alone for now."
Bull:"Looks like they didn't want to stay and play."
Buns:"The enemy knew what they were up against. They've retreated."
Buzz:"They pulled out early. Typical men."
Cliff:"They left! We rule the roost."
Danny:"Cleared out! Guess they forgot something at home."
Dr Q:"The cowards flee! We are at peace momentarily."

Fidel:"De chickens have run away."
Fox:"Whoa... where are they? They pulled out early."
Grizzly:"Hmm... Enemy's packed their bags and moved outta here."

Grunty:"Ja,the ennemies have left the sector. The wimps."
Gus:"Came to their senses,Woodrow. They done high-tailed it."
Hitman:"They couldn't take the heat,so they got outta the kitchen. Just us here now,Ace."
Ice:"Compagny's gone home,dude. We can turn out the lights."
Igor:"our enemies retrat to safety. We are rulers of land."
Ivan:"Enemy has vacated proprety."

Len:"They left,sir. The odds left them no choice."
Lynx:"Think they backed off. Wisely,I might add."
Magic:"They must have headed to a snapperhead party in another sector."
Malice:"Da terrible guys dey hotfoot to dere maman,en. On est tout seul dans coin."
MD:"The enemies have gone into remission. We're alone."
Meltdown:"They backed out. Obviously they knew what they were up against. Pussies."
Nails:"They took off,man..."
Raider:"Whadda surprise. They ran for the hills. We can breathe easy for a bit.

Raven:"Guess the hostiles ran off to regroup."
Reaper:"They've gone elsewhere. Afraid to face their fate."
Red:"Dodgers... they up and took off. Just us here now."
Scope:"The enemies have withdraw. I believe we're at ease for a while."
Scully:"Look at that,will ya? They put their tails in their arse and ran away."
Shadow:"Alone again. Unfriendlies high-tailed it out of here."
Sidney:"The rascals have scattered. I believe they've recognized their inferiority."
Spider:"Oh. Thankfully,they've left the area."

Static:"They caught the big wave outta here,dude."
Stephen:"It appears they've pulled out. They're most likely afraid."
Steroid:"Evil people cower like children in retreat. They catch wind of Gontarski,no doubt."
Thor:"The enemy has deserted the area. It is our by default."
Trevor:"Ah,they buggered outta here."
Vicki:"They be outta here like a '57 Chevy,man. Afraid of us,they be!"
Wolf:"Ah,they pulled out. Sector's secure."


Biff:"Oh,thank God. they've left the area."
Bubba:"Hm. Think they all done... gone home. No one's here."
Cougar:"The enemies have retreated,sir."
Flo:"The enemy,he has retreated."
Gasket:"I reckon they threw her in reverse. There's no one here anymore."
Gumpy:"Ha,they took off. Extras. You can't count on them."
Haywire:"Yeah,the pussies backed out. Ain't no surprise."
Larry:"The grunts have moved on,sir."
Numb:"Ah,the unfriendlies,they run off. Bunch a bullers."
Razor:"Ah,the pansyasses ran away to warn their friends! Good. They'll all be freakin' nervous by the time we get there."

Gory death/See rotten corpse


Barry:"I have seen men die this was .It nauseats me."
Blood:"Jellydog,nothin's left of that guy but hamburger."
Bull:"Looks better without a head anyway."
Buns:"Hahahaha... I'm sorry. It's not really funny."
Buzz:"Doubt there's an ear to collect."
Cliff:"Now,I can retire."
Danny:"Isn't a famous quote about the man who cried because he had o hat,until he met a man who had no head? Something like that... I don't know... just seemed appropriate."
Dr q.:That is a spirit that will never rest."

Fidel:"No need to wear hat now."
Fox:"I don't believe I needed to see that."
Grizzly:"Man,that's GOTTA hurt. Then again,maybe not!"
Grunty:"What a spectacular way to die."
Gus:"Somethin' special,huh,Woody. Good gust of winf would have made it spectacular."
Hitman:"Ya ain't been in combat,Ace 'til ya pulled an eyeball out of your pocket."
Ice:"Whoa,dude... blood bath!"
Igor:"Barbaric. As Tolstoy wrote,"War... what is it good for?"

Len:"No matter how many times you see it,it still makes an impression."
Lynx:"I used to make sick jokes about that kinda thing,but man,I've see one too many friends die that way. Not funny any more."
Magic:"It'd be cool if there was a replay or something. Kinda like to see it again in slow-mo,like a couple of times,man."
Malice:"Dat something special,en. She don't 'appen often enough."
MD:"That's the most horrible thing I've ever seen."
Meltdown:Wouldja look at that? Hey,when do we eat?"
Nails:"Not much chance of picking up the pieces there."

Raider:"When I see something like that,I begin to think L.A. wasn't all that bad."
Raven:"I'd go easy on the details of the death when telling their mother."
Reaper:"What a tragic waste. You could siphon that spirit through a straw."
Red:"That the most disgustuing thing I've seen since ma last English pub meal."
Scope:"Ewwhh... I would have preferred not to have seen that."
Scully:"Doubt I'll find an ear to collect..."
Shadow:"What a mess. Where's the dignity?"
Sidney:"I could rattle off a couple of bad hat jokes. However,that would be most ditasteful."

Spider:"How can anyone see that and not question what we do for a living?"
Static:"Had like a firework effect to it. Even made a kind of a chillin' pop sound,man."
Stephen:"Why do people have such a morbid fascination with this? It's disgusting and tragic."
Steroid:"Repulsive. But no pain,I guess."
Thor:"Fragile,we are."
Trevor:"Strewth,I'm gonna lose me brekkie."
Vicki:"Oh,that bother me even when I see it in the movies,man."
Wolf:"Lovely! Just freakin' lovely."


Biff:"Oh my God! I think I got brain on me!"
Bubba:"Where the head go? Bubba wanna take it home!"
Cougar:"I WILL suppress my nausea."
Flo:"That is revolting!"
Gasket:"Whoa. That reminds me of the time I tied to fix my grandma's choppign thing,what do you call it... guillotine! That was bad."
Gumpy:"Wow... just like in "Scanners." That was too cool."
Haywire:"Oh,that is wicked! I wonder if you have time to think,"Ouch.""
Larry:"And people ask me why I did drugs?"
Numb:"That's not something you see every day,is it ?"
Razor:"That's the quick way to lose 10 pounds!"

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Sorry for the double -post.

Enemy hiden in sector


Barry: "Forces are in hiding,but are still close."
Blood:"We didn't do a clean sweep. Still got a couple of scuzzballs hanging around."
Bull:"Some of them got lucky,Probably still close-by,I bet."
Buns:"I know I won't allow myself to be convinced they left the area."
Buzz:"Pisses me off! I haven't got all day to look for 'em. Bunch of wieners."
Cliff:"Don't let your guard down. The jackanapes could be regrouping."
Danny:"We can pick up the pace,but we'd better stay on our toes."
Dr Q:"We have not rid this sphere of its evil. We must remain prepared."

Fidel:"I find deses bad guys. Da chickens cannot hide from Fidel."
Fox:"We mustn't forget the one we didn't get."
Grizzly:"we haven't deal with all of them,yet. Nobody get careless."
Grunty:"We failed to locate all of them. I would not go crazy."
Gus:"They're still here,so don't let nobody get too ballsy,Woody!"
Hitman:"Gettin' to be a drag chasin' 'em,Ace. We go about our business,they'll probably show."
Ice:"We got outstanding business. We haven't accounted for all the bad dudes."
Igor:"It is like our work is unfinished. Our enemies take cover under carpet."

Ivan:"Must be careful. Still have enemy here."
Len:"We have unaccounted for stragglers. We should proceed with caution,sir."
Lynx:"If they only gave me a hint as to where they are,I'd finish them off."
Magic:"We got strays. Might circle back on us."
Malice:"Dis be like hide and search,en... but with da guns. En,don't you worry,la Malice wil get dem."
MD:"We should be mindful of the ones that are still nearby."'
Meltdown:"Haven't killed them all yet."
Nails:"We haven't eliminated the other club yet. Nobody get stupid!"

Shadow:"have to keep our eyes open for the ones that still remain."
Raider:"Be cautious! We have unfinished business lurking in this sector."
Raven:"We haven't taken care of all of them. Something to keep in mind."
Reaper:"we have failed to silence all the intruders. We must not become careless."
Red:"My instincts tell me we're being watched. Keep y'er wits."
Scope:"They most likely took shelter under the rock they crawled out from under."
Scully:"Still got unfriendlies hidin' somewhere,mate."
Sidney:"Prudence is the operative word. We have not disposed of all our foes."

Spider:"I don't believe we've located all of them yet."
Static:"Tired of chasing 'em,man. They'll rear their ugly heads soon enough."
Stephen:"Some of them have managed to flee. We should be prepared for a second assault just in case."
Steroid:"We must not forget that we have left our enemies hiding."
Thor:"We must stay vigilant. Enemy forces remain in the vicinity."
Trevor:"You can be sure the crim haven't strayed off too far."
Vicki:"I wouldn't be gettin' too confident. We still have company."
Wolf:"Stay alert. They'll probably pop out the moment we drop our guard."


Biff:"Let's be real careful. They're probably close-by,just waiting for the chance to kill us."
Bubba:"Bubba can still smell 'em. They can't be far."
Cougar:"Enemies remain alive,sir,though they have proved
difficult to locate."
Flo:"Hopefully,someone will loate the remaining enemies,so they will no longer be a danger to me,eh...us."
Gasket:"Where,oh,where are they hiding?"
Gumpy:"I hate it when you know they're out there,yet all's quiet."

Haywire:"I think I should start turning over rocks until I find every last one of 'em."
Larry:"The area isn't clean yet,sir. I'd advise caution."
Numb:"Stay awake! We ain't plugged 'em all."
Razor:"I say we hunt them down to the last man and slit his throat. I hate loose ends."

Your merc have a low morale

Barry:"This organization is phooey!"

Blood:"I could be home right now,eatin' take out."

Bull:"Gonna think twice before I lay my ass on the line for this outfit."

Buns:"I can't believe I'm wasting my time in this hellhole."

Buzz:"I'm getting depressed. I should just go on a rampage and shoot up the place."

Cliff:"This place is a waste of bloody time and my talent!"

Danny:"I don't know about anyone else,but I'm thinking of defecting."

Dr. Q:"My valor is wasted here."

Fidel:"Dis job is full of much boredom."

Fox:"This is nothing like I expected it to be."

Grizzly:"This assignment's startin' to feel like it's never gonna end."

Grunty:"I have endured assassins,wild animals,and a entitre Barry Manilow album,but I am losing patience with this C.O. of ours!"

Gus:"My knees are killin' me,Woody. And you're killin' me,too!"

Hitman:"This little adventure is turning sour,Ace. And fast!"

Ice:"Things better shape up around here. I got one foot out the door already."

Igor:"I have made bad choice. This is not job for me."

Len:"I've had a long career,but this truly feels like my longest assignment."

Lynx:"what's a guy like me doin' in a place likke this anyway? What a crock."

Magic:"Not saying things are boring or anything,but just how many shopping days are there 'til Christmas,man?"

Malice:"Dis place,dese peoples,you everything be bugging me. I 'ate dis here!"

MD:"This is nothing like I imagined it would be. I thought it'd be,y'know,bearable."

Meltdown:"I've just about had it with this candyass operation."

Nails:"I'm really not into this..."

Raider:"Jackass doesn't have the brains to put me in charge. It can only go downhill from here."

Raven:"I wouldn't mind packing up and going home."

Reaper:"what are we doing here,anyway? Does any of it matter?"

Red:"I'm no one to complain, but I am."

Scope:"I should be at home spending time with the kids."

Scully:"What was I thinking when I signed on?"

Shadow:"Getting awfully hard to keep a positive attitude around here!"

Sidney:"This operation is beginning to leave a rather vulgar taste in my mouth."

Spider:"Think I'd rather be emptying bedpans than stick around for more of this."

Static:"I've had more fun clipping my toe nails."

Stephen:"I don't approve of the way this outfit's being run. And I won't stand for much more of it."

Steroid:"The way this outfit is run,I do not like."

Thor:"I'd thought my spirit was unbreakable. But this misery is unbearable."

Trevor:"This is really crook. I got half a mind to g'wan back to Oz."

Vicki:"I be losin' whatever faith I had in this miserable journey,man. I'm not a happy camper."

Wolf:"I can think of a thousand places I'd rather be than here."


Biff:"I'm feeling kinda homesick."
Bubba:'Bubba tired of this. I wanna go home."
Cougar:"I only have myself to blame for joining this miserable excuse for a team."
Flo :"Right now,I would like to be back in my apartment,taking a hot bath and sipping champagne. Perhpas,I might be inspired to forget I was ever here."
Gasket:"I'm startin' to think this whole freakin' mess is... just a whole... freakin'... mess. I'm not good with words."
Gumpy:"This is miserable. I can't wait to get outta here."
Haywire:'I don't like this whole... thing."
Larry:"Being straight is a real drag... Everything is,like,so predictable."
Numb:"Someday I'm gonna look back on this contract and puke me guts out."
Razor:"This ain't no fun at all."

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Fidel:"No need to wear hat now."

Lol,I like this quote xD, anyway good job bro as asual. Very Happy

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The merc increases one of his stats/Level up

Note:First line stat up,Second line level up.



"Ah,there is hope for me yet."
"Skills improve,and so I must improve my price."

Blood:"I surprise myself sometimes."
"I'm worth a bit more now. Know what I'm saying?"

Bull:"Hard work and clean living pays off."
"Ya gotta pay more to get more. And I'm more now."

Buns:"Every day,in every way,I get better and better."
"I'm really getting quite good. My wages should reflect that."

Buzz:"Pinch me!"
"What I can say? I'm justified asking for more."

Cliff:"I knew I could improve."
"My constant improvement had made me more valuable,hence the rise in my fees."

Danny:"I've always been a good learner."
"So,I was thinking,if I had all this experience,I should be asking for more. Right?"

Dr Q.:"There is no teacher greater than experience."
"An ancient proverb says that as a man increases in experience,so too shall his fee. I have great respect for proverbs."

Fidel:"Dis is good,no?"
"More money,more Fidel."

Fox :"It pays to pay attention."
"Been getting better at this. A good woman's worth more money,don't you think?"

Grizzly:"Mom woulda been proud."
"Don't wanna shock ya,but prices are only guaranteed for the lenght of the contract."

Grunty:"There's always room to grow."
"I am now worth a bit more with my experience,ja?"

Gus:"Trial and error,Woodman!"
"Now look here,Woodrow. Don't get your wallet in a vice. I'm working my ass off here. It's only fair asking you for a few more dollars."

Hitman:"I still got a few things to learn."
"Moving up in the world,Ace. And my rates are moving right up along with me."

Ice:"On-the-job training,man!"
"Yeah,dude,figured if I'm better,my take should be,too. So,I gave my bottom line a little boost."

Igor:"Im from family of good learners."
"My uncle would be proud! I will soon be asking same price as the great Ivan."

Ivan:"I work hard. (rest of his quote in Russian)"
"Ivan ask more money now."


Note:due to a bug it can never improve his stats or level up.

Lynx:"You never stop learning."
"I had to raise the rates a bit. More experienced,you know? Still more than worth it,though. Shouldn't scare you."

Magic:"I'm in tune."
"I go up,man,and so do the dollars. You know what I'm saying? Show me the money."

Malice:"Je l'ai meritA Aa."
"My price she go up,en. You want a Cadillac you pay for a Cadillac."

MD:"I may make a career out of this after all."
"Nothing personal,but I was thinking that since my skills have improved,a raise in my fees might just be appropriate."

Meltdown:"Effin' A!"
"Effin'A'! I'm feeling good! About time I get a raise! Cough it up there Bunny Balls. You know I'm worth it. And I know where you live."

Nails:"I'm catching on."
"When the tough get going,the price goes up. I gotta new bottom line,Scooter."

Raider:"I use every opportunity to learn."
"My improved abilities have given me the opportunity to increase my fees. I'm certain that I merit it."

Raven:"I'm getting the hang of this."
"I'm really moving up! Figured my pay should reflect that."

Red:"I be getting beter at that."
"Ya be pleased to know that Im, getting better at this. And so have granted meself a slight increase in pay."

Reaper:"Improvement it is the goal of life's search."
"I derive great satisfaction in your employ,however my comepensation was no longer adequate. Everything evolves."

Scope:"I believed I was making progress."
"I am well versed in military operations,and my skills continue to improve. It is only right and proper for me,at this time,to increase the cost of my services."

Scully:"I get off on it."

"Ching-ching! Hey mate,I reckon that someone whith my talent deserves a bit of a raise. Not that I'll actually see any of it,mind you,not with the child support
payments I've got to make."

Shadow:"That measurable progress."
"Pays to keep climbing the ladder. I go up and so do the dollars."

Sidney:"Refining my skills."
"Oh yes,pardon me,there's been a relatively minor rate adjustment."

Spider:"I'm learning all the time."
"Really,I looked at it from all angles,and I'm worth more now. So I've changed my rate schedule to reflect that."

Static:"I sort of felt something,man."
"You gotta figure experience is worth a few bucks more,man,so I upped my price."

Stephen:"Never too old to learn."
"If you review my records,I am certain you'll agree that my increased capabilities more than offset the price increase for my services."

Steroid:"At this rate,I soon be perfect."
"I have been pushed from bottom up,and so now raise my rate of benefits."

Thor:"I knew I'd gotten better!"
"My performance is at peak,and I raised my fees to reflect that."

Trevor:"Bonza! Persistance pays off."
"Look at me,mate! Ya know yer gettin' value for the dollar."

Vicki :"Im not gettin' older,I'm gettin' better!"
"I be movin' up in the ranks,man. And my price be movin' with me."

Wolf:"That's encouraging."
New contracts,new rates. Figure I'm worth few extra dollars now."


Note:these mercenaries can only increase their stats and never renegotiate their contract, so they only have one quote.

Biff:"That show 'em."

Bubba:"Bubba learn,slowly."

Cougar:"There's always room for improvement."

Flo:I make progress,non?"

Gasket:"I'm paying attention."

Gumpy:"It's a start,anyway."

Haywire:"I'll be boss in no time!"

Larry:"Credit a clear head,sir."

Numb:"It's about time."

Razor:"Ya got it,or you don't."

The merc is surrounded by enemies


Barry:"God,give me strengh!"

Blood:"This bites,man! Big time!"

Bull:"Problems here."

Buns:"I need backup here!"

Buzz:"I got my hands full."

Cliff:"Knee-deep in bloody hell!"

Danny:"Got my testicles in a sling here!"

Dr q.:"They are relentless in their pursuit!"

Fidel:"No look god for Fidel."

Fox:"This is not looking very good."

Grizzly:"Mayday! Mayday!"

Grunty:"I'm up to my neck in hot water!"

Gus:"Dang! I'm in it up to my eyeballs."

Hitman:"My nuts are in a vice,Ace!"

Ice:"I could use a hand here!"

Igor:"Game over,man,game over!"


Lynx:"This'd be the perfect time for some luck!"

Len:"Gotta find a way out of this."

Magic:"This is when I'm at my best."

Malice:"I'm in big merde,la."

MD:"This isn't going smoothly I need help!"

Meltdown:"I got a foot in the grave here!"

Nails:"Gotta turn things around."

Raider:"I have a serious situation here!"

Raven:"Our Father,who art in heaven..."

Reaper:"I'm fighting a losing battle here!"

Red:"Tis a disaster!"

Scope:"Assistance would be welcome."

Scully:"Time to get tough."

Shadow:"Can't keep this up much longer."

Sidney:"I've been in better predicaments."

Spider:"Need assistance here,stat!"

Static:"Up to my armpits here,Bub."

Stephen:"I've got a situaton."

Steroid:"Goddamn it to hell!"

Thor:"I have to get out of here!"

Trevor:"Hell's bells!"

Vicki:"I'm in over my head here,man!"

Wolf:"I could use some help."


Biff:Oh my God! I'm a dead man."
Bubba:"Bubba don't wanna play anymore!"
couhgar:"Okay,time to take the gloves off."
Flo:"I want to go home!"
Gasket:"I think I pissed my pants."
Gumpy:"My ass is grass!"
Haywire:"I wanna retreat!"
Larry:"Oh,man. I could use another hit..."
Numb:"I'm being slit up a treat here!"
Razor:"I've got one beautiful mess here!"

Your merc pick up a better weapon

Note: Only some mercs have this dialogue.


Danny:"Now we're brewing! Hope it's in good shape."

Fox:"Too much! Now this was worth bending over for."

Grunty:"I am elated. It should be gift wrapped."

Hitman:"Lookee here,Ace. Jackpot!"

Ivan:(only in Russian.)

MD:"All right! I've never found anything this valuable."

Reaper:"There is a reason for me finding this,as there is a reason behind everything."

Red:"Left by the Gods,I tell ya."

Scope:"I could most certainly make use of this."

Spider:"Finally,something worh getting excited about."

Steroid:"Grandma Gontarsky blesses me from above with great riches."

Thor:"I could make use of this..."

Trevor:"Hoo-roo. All right,then..."

Vicki:"Oh,man... Something so fine should come with a card."


Biff:"Oh,WOW... I hope they let me keep it."
Gasket:"Holy squirrel tails! It must be my birthday."
Larry:"This is too cool,man!"
Numb:"Bloody right! Now we be talkin'."
Razor:"It's all right,I guess. Woulda liked of 'em new,high-tech,fancy blades tough."

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Nice job bro. ; )

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Try hiring a merc when his enemy he is already in the team

Note: Although most of mercenaries willing to come (warning you) other refuse.

(refuse to come)

"I ain't working with that Cliff Highball. There's something about drunks and scalpels that just gives me the sweats."


"You've got Fox on your team. Obviously,you're more interested in the sizzle in than the steack. Call me when you're looking for something more than a pretty face."

"Quite frankly,I'm disappointed to see that you've hired that sick man who goes by the name of Reaper. I'd prefer as much distance betwen the two of us as humanly possible. However,I will go."

(refuse to come)

"I ain't going to be a part of it,and you don't really want me to be. Otherwise,Lynx is a deadman".


"By working with Steroid Gontarski,there's an implication that I condone his use of drugs. As this is professionally and personally abhorrent to me,I'd request that you keep us on separate teams."

"I find Bubba's presence a serious detriment to professionalism and an affront to common decency. Please keep him on a different,less crucial team."


"I can't tell you how skeptical I am about being in the same country as Steroid,but I'll give it my best shot. It's a big country right ?"


(refus to come)
"I don't work with Dr Q.,and take my advice,you ,shouldn't either. Word to the wise,beware of him."


(refuse to come)
"No. I'm not signin'up to work with Buzz. She'll stab you in the back the moment your back is turned. Trust me on this. She's nothing but trouble. Done nothing but bad mouth me."


"I'll go,only because it's a big country. But ya keep that Danish prune,Buns Sonderguard,outta my face."

(refuse to come)

"Guess again,bozo. I don't work with little Biffy. He's a scared little boy who oughta be home takin' care of his mama."


"Okay,I'll work with Biff this time but keep in mind that I hate his guts. The less I see him the better. He irritates the crap out of me."


"I'm tellin' ye now,that blasted Dane Buns puts me in a lather. The more I'm around here,the less I'll be likin' it."


"I'm gonna be up-front about this,man. Me and that Swiss,Stephen,don't see eye-to-eye if,you know what I mean. I'll take the gig,but you gotta remember what I told ya,man."

(refuse to come)
"I can't work wit Larry,man. He's been lecturing me on the twelve steps to straightness,man. It's pathetic and annoying."


"I'm willing to put up with Static for the moment,but I make no guarantees. Just keep him well ouf of my sight,and there might not be any problems."


"To be forced to work with Igor Dolvich is to me displeasing. please make him sit in corner by himself,not by me."

(refuse to come)
"I don't work with Ivan. His people... hmmm,I have nothing good to say."


"I should warn you mate,I'm not too happy about havin' that wanker Fidel on the team. Hope 'e stays outta my way."

The enemy of a mercenary arrives at Arulco


"Hey,you brought that cracker Cliff,I'm halfway out the door. You know what I'm sayin'? I'll think twice about renewing if working with him's part of the deal."


"oh, I get the picture. You'd rather hire swimsuit models than capable mercenaries. well,you can hire Fox if you want,but don't expect me to be happy about it."

"That Reaper guy is dangerous. He's seriously disturbed. I wouldn't be here had I know he was coming."


"You brought that son-of-a bitch,Lynx,down here. Well,let me make me feelings know. He's a two-timer who's only alive because I haven't yet figured out the most gratifying way to kill him."


"F.Y.I. No-neck grunts like Steroid Gontarski drive me up the wall. If he'd been on this team when you asked me to join,I would've laughed in your face."

"For future reference,if you're going to white trash like Bubba,don't bother asking me along. Good thing for you,I'm honoring the rest of my contract."


"Steroid gives me the creeps. If he has to be in the same country,keep him away from me."


"You shoulda asked me before bringin' in that crazy Dr.Q. Now I'm pissed. I would of never have signed a contract."


"Hey. I don't think you were gonna put Buzz on the team. I'd be outta here in a second if I didn't have a reputation to uphold. Just keep her away from me."


"Why did you bring that stuck-up Buns Sonderguard down here? I know just what she needs! You'd better get her away from me!"


"with that suckass Biff around,we might as well pack it up and go home. If I'd know you were gonna let him in,I wouldn't have signed that contract."


"Ah,man. What were you thinkin' when you brought that chicken boy,Biff,down here. His whining gives me migraines."


"Och,had I but known you'd be invitin' Buns to the party,I'd not have given ye the time o' day!"


"Keep that Swiss desk jockey,Stephen,clear of me. I wouldn't be here if I'd know he was coming,man."

"Larry's turned into one preachy pain in the ass. If you really feel ya need him,kepe us apart,man."


"Fortunatley for you,Static was not a part of the original team,or I would never have agreed to join. Just keep him away from me."


"I do not work with Communist like Igor. I stick to contract,but after that,if Igor still here,I make thought to leave."

"You want Ivan on your team? Then you DON'T want ME. I would stay behind if I had know you would let him to join."


choper:"Well,you picked up Fidel Dahan, then? He's a first-class greaseball,and if I wasn't a man of me word,I'd duck out right now."

Because an enemy to him your merc refuses to renew his contract


(Identical to the first paragraph,see "Try hiring a merc when his enemy he is already in the team")

"I ain't working with that Cliff Highball. There's something about drunks and scalpels that just gives me the sweats."

"Oh,yeah,that Bubba's just achin' to put a bullet in my back while nobody's lookin'. Not me,unh-unh."


"No! you got Biff Apscott on the team. looks like a carrot,fights like a pussy."


(fox:Identical to the first paragraph)

"You have a man on your team called Reaper. He's a seriously distrubed individual. Some other time,perhaps."

"What do you want me for? You've got Gumpy. You're clearly willing to settle for third-rate slobs. Someday,perhaps,you'll learn that just because something's cheap doesn't make it good value."


(lynx:Identical to the first paragraph)


"Biff Apscott is a discgrace to this profession. his lack of gonads is a severe threat to team safety. I won't work with him."

"I don't like going into battle with drug users. They're notoriously unstable. I'm referring specifically to Steroid Gontarski,altough there may be others on the team as well."

"Somehow,I doubt that Bubba Jones and rednecks like him appreciate my presence. Nor I, theirs. I'm not your man."


"I will no join team with woman who should clean motel rooms. If Floe die,you call me."


"Forget it! I wouldn't give it a second thought as long as that pumped-up,pushy Pollack is working for you."

"Sorry,but Haywire is as scary as they get. My future certainly doesn't have us together in the same country."


(Identical to the first paragraph)


"Sorry,Woodman,but I can't be working with Flo the frog. Gotta problem with those people. Been in the business too dang long for that horsecrap."


"Not a chance. I don't trust Bubba. I don't wanna work with him,and I sure as hell don't want to have to depend on him."


"Nyet. Bubba [one word in Russian] is on team. I be not happy."


"I've already spent enough time in Arulco with Numb. We'll just leave it at that."


(Identical to the first paragraph)


"As long as that chick Buns is part and parcel of the scenery,you can forget about me being at the party."

"Bubba is a bubblehead,man. A white bread,snapperhead! I ain't gonna be in the team photo. As long as he's in Arulco,don't look for me."


(Identical to the first paragraph)


"If I spend another minute with Biff, I'll kill him. It's that simple. So out of respect for Speck,I'm gonna pass on your offer."


"I have two problems: I dinnae fight alongside Danes,and I dinnae like guns in the hands of women. And you got a Danish woman on yer team,so what does that tell ye?"


"I'm never going back into the field with Numb. I don't know any professional who would."


"Given the nature of our work, I require a cetain minimum level of civility. I find that Ms. Sonderguard is decidedly,uncivil and really rather snobbish. It's too irritating Im sorry."


"That dude Rothman makes me ill. Don't work with consultants,man. I want somebody beside me who can take a bullet,not tell me ME how to."

"Razor is ike certifiable,man. One dangerous dude. I ain't comfy working beside him."


"Any proposal involving my working on the same team as Static is unacceptable."


"No,no,no,you have Igor Dolvich on team. I sooner work with Germans."

"I don't work with Ivan. His people...hmmm,I have nothing good to say."


"Sorry cobber,I'd soon bung me Mum on the barbie than sign-up to work with Fidel. You'll find out why if you keep him on."


"Sorry,man,I can't in good conscience be signin' with ya. Gasket is such a racist. I can't lay down my life for someone who'd just as soon like to kill me himself."


"I can't see myself signing on as long as Numb is on the payroll."

Can not renew his contract (other plans)

Note: Only some mercs have this quote

Buzz:"Ya,like I've been waiting around for you. I got plans!"

Fox:"Perhaps with more notice,but I can't right now. I've made other commitments."

Grunty:"I cannot,I need to be in divorce court. Had you given me more notice I could have got a continuance or made whatever arrangements were necessary."

Gus:"Dang,Woody! Why didn't ya ask me earlier? Gotta get home and get my dog to the vet... Gotta put her down. It's got this dang big lump of somethin' growing out its backside."

Hitman:"Gotta leave,Ace. Give me a bit a time. You never know,I could be back for the final sweep and the victory bash."

Ice:"No can do,man. It's my anniversary,and the wife and I are goin' away for a while. You shoulda told me in advance,man. Maybe I could've juggled it around...
well,not on thi case,but most of the time."

Len:"I promised the wife I'd spend some time with her. Confirmed it just a couple of hours ago in the letter I sent her. Sorry."

Lynx:"sorry its my week with the colunter xork fire dperpatement look I can usually fudg around wioth the scedule bit only wotj enough advance nitice y'know?

Magic:"Not possible,man. Got to get back and take care of a few things. Ya shouldn't leave this kinda stuff to the last second."

MD:"Oh,I can't. I'm assisting in a combination heart and lung transplant at Mount Sinai,a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Meltdown:"No dice, I'm moving. Man,you gotta let me know ahead of time."

Raider:"Can't I'm running a training session for the National Guard. Next time,don't wait 'til the last minute."

Raven:"Sorry,I'm going to a gun show. Give me some notice next time."

Reaper:"You should've asked me sooner. I'm testifying at a Senate Sub-Committee Hearing about a recent assassination attempt."

Scope:"I wish you had no left it to the last moment. I wasn't aware of your intentions,Commander. So,I made other commitments.

Scully:"Sorry mate,but while to were deciding what you wanted to do with me,I signed on for something else."

Shadow:"I"ll be incommunicado for a while. Let me know in advance next time. I'll see what I can do."

Sidney:"It is a shame really. I was sort of hoping that you would ask,but when you didn't,I accepted another assignment."

Static:"I gotta scout back home. Can't change my plans on such short notice,man."

Stephen:"No,Im off to draw up blueprints for a state-of-the-art vault system for the Japanese government. I'll need more advance notice next time."

Thor:"I have two marathons to run within the next week. So,while I can't take the job right now,I might be able to join you in the future. Try to let me know further ahead of time.

Wolf:"Can't stick around. Had I known sooner,I could have cancelled my mother's visit,but she's already at my place waitin' for me."

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Sorry for the double-post.

Impossible shot

Barry:"I have no clear shot from here."
Blood:"Like I'm gonna pull that off..."
Bull:"Probably just waste ammo."
Buns:"I don't thinlk I can make that shot from this angle."
Buzz:"You can't be serious..."
Cliff:"Not likely."
Danny:"I'm in a bad position for that shot."
Dr q.:"A highly doubtful shot."

Fidel:"No way to shoot! I throw rock,OK?"
Fox:"I'll never connect with that."
Grizzly:"Can't get a solid handle on that from here."
Grunty:"Who do I look like,Siegfried and Roy?"
Gus:"Smell a miss,Woodman. Why bother?"
Hitman:"Attempting a shot like that would probably be a waste of time,Ace."
Ice:"We're talking missin' here,dude."
Igor:"I give no guarantee from this location."

Ivan:"I cannot promise this shot."
Len:"I haven't got a clean line."
Lynx:"Even for me,that's a challenge."
Magic:"How am I supposed to hit that,man?"
Malice:"You want I shoot what?"
MD:"Doubt I can make that from here."
Meltdown:"Do I look a magician? Forget it."
Nails:"Ain't looking easy,Scooter."

Raider:"Can't recommend it,not without magic bullets."
Raven:"I'd probably miss that one on my best day."
Reaper:"I hate trick shots."
Red:"Hate to be wastin' one."
Scope:"Are you quite sure you want me to try to hit that target from here?"
Scully:"Hardly anything to get a fix on!"
Shadow:"Crappy odds on making that shot."
Sidney:"The result could be a disappointment,I am afraid."

Spider:"I'm not that good a shot."
Static:"I don't know. Don't look in the bag to me,man."
Stephen:"Possibilities are slim to none."
Steroid:"If I miss,it is okay?"
Thor:"There's hardly a shot from here."
Trevor:"No worries,sport,only I can't be sure of dingin' this one!"
Vicki:"Dat be a tough one,man."
Wolf:"The odds suck."

Biff:"I'm a lot better,but I don't think I can make that."
Bubba:"Bubba thinks maybe he's going to miss."
Cougar:"Tough bead to draw from here."
Flo:"That is an impossible target."
Gasket:"You want me to take THAT shot? In my dreams,maybe."
Gumpy:"I don't feel confident about this one.
Haywire:"Like I'm gonna hit that from here."
Larry:"Even with sober vision,that shot's difficult,sir."
Numb:"Bloody tough one from 'ere. Yer off your chump."
Razor:"Probably miss that target from here. Maybe I should just knife 'em."

Near miss


Barry:"The Lord must have been with me."
Blood:"I wasn't worried. Right."
Bull:"Startin' to get exciting."
Buns:"My,that was close enough to be invigorating."
Buzz:"You call that close?"
Cliff:"Afraid they didn't miss by much."
Danny:"Nothing like a near-death experience,eh?"
Dr q.:"I shall not fear death when it finally greets me."

Fidel:"Dis not even close."
Fox:"That was close."
Grizzly:"That was close. I don't plan on missing."
Grunty:"Nothing is as reaffirming as a close one."
Gus:"Dang! They gonna regret not gettin' it right."
Hitman:"Freakin' lucky!"
Ice:"If ya bite it,Ice who's gonna feed the dog?"
Igor:"I need foxhole."

Ivan:"Very close!"
Len:"Got lucky."
Lynx:"Life's never boring."
Magic:"I don't sweat the closes ones."
Malice:"Dat do not scare me,en."
MD:"I"m...sure... it wasn't as close as it looked."
Meltdown:"Now I'm pissed."
Nails:"Hahaha... You'll have to do better than that."

Raider:"Woah,thougt my number was up."
Raven:"That sure gets the adrenaline surging."
Reaper:"They might kill me,but they won't scare me."
Red :"Thought I was a goner for sure that time."
Scope:"Luck was with me."
Scully:"Good try,cadet!"
Shadow:"That was close enough."
Sidney:"That was rather unsettling."

Spider:"Was that as close as it felt?"
Static:"That sucks."
Stephen:"That kind of risk comes with the territory."
Steroid:"That make my blood sing ..."
Thor:"Lucky to be alive. Good to feel that way once in a while."
Trevor:"That coulda been a beaut..."
Vicki:"My horoscope said this was my lucky day."
Wolf:"Wasn't all THAT close."


Biff:"Whew! I... I was neber worried. He he."
Bubba:"Wow. Almost went home to mom."
Cougar:"That was close. But close doesn't count."
Flo:They have alarmed my fear. I am terrified of death."
Gasket:"That was,like,close. I mean,I felt like it was close,y'know?"
Gumpy:"Wow,your whole life really DOES flash before your eyes!"
Haywire:Whoa! Thought my number was up."
Larry:"Could be a good night for poker..."
Numb:"At was a close shave,now wasn't it?"
Razor:"Shoulda done the job. 'cause now you're gonna die."

Your mercenary receives several bullets (but do not fall into comas)


Barry:"They are tryin to kill me! But I am professional!"
Blood:"These suckers are bustin' my chops!"
Bull"C'mon,you sons o' bitches! Is that the best you can do?"
Buns:"Drawing heavy fire here!"
Buzz:"Give me the chance,and you're dead meat."
Cliff:"My position is under fire!"
Grizzly:"Runnin' into trouble here."
Danny:"They're putting in a serious effort on me here!"

Dr q:"Assistance! I doubt I can prevail alone!"
Fidel:"I busy guy."
Fox:"They've got me pinned."
Grizzly:"Runnin' into trouble here."
Grunty:"They're going ballistic on me!"
Gus :"Once they let up,I'm gonna put 'em away for good."
Hitman:"Taking heavy fire,Ace."
Ice:"I dunno what a smithereens is,but I'm about to be blown to 'em!"

Igor:"I must take charge of situation!"
Len:"Under suppression fire!"
Lynx:"Gotta move out of here!"
Magic:"Your ass is on my platter,snapperhead!"
Malice:"I t'ink dey know where I am,en."
MD:"This is looking bad!"
Meltdown:"If these assholes take me down,I'm takin' them all with me!"

Nails :"I've been beaten by chicks worse than that."
Raider:"Feels like I'm being ganged-up on!"
Raven:"Im gettin' a lot of attention!"
Reaper:"They might kill me,but they won't scare me."
Red:"Have at you,ye scoundrels! I ain't bought the farm yet!"
Scope:"I am being fired upon."
Scully:"They got me in their sights."
Shadow:"I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Sidney:"Rather determined blokes aren't they."
Spider:"Can't dodge this forever!"
Static:"Takin' heat,man!"
Stephen:"Im being blitzed!"
Steroid:"Stupid fools push me too far!"
Thor:"Have to find a better way to handle this!"
Trevor:"This is hard yakker!"
Wolf :"Takin' heat."


Biff:"I'm so scared..."
Bubba:"Bubba gonna split your face from ear to ear!"
Cougar:"Enemy bearing down."
Flo:"For a moment,I thought I was with the angels. Now I find I'm still in this enfer. My suffering knows no bounds."
Gasket:"Why's everyone always shooting at me?"
Gumpy:"I'll blow you all to kingdom-come!"
Haywire:"That was nuthin'. I'm all right."
Larry:"How guy supposed to sytar sober?
Numb:"Back off,you bloody morons!"
Razor:"Ooh,those turkeys're gettin' FEISTY! Gobble gobble gobble!"

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A nice update: seven new quotes,good job mate. Smile

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In Fox’s voice “This should be pinned!”

Thank you for compiling this! I used to select my team based on stats and price. After all these years, now I just modify their skills in MercProfiles and play with the ones I like the voice acting/quotes/personalities the most.

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