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I looking at this in INI editor there is missing description for 1 and 2 settings. This is what description says:

Determine the effect of range to target on calculating how high your CTH can go above its original value when using tracer ammo. Increase this value to make tracers less useful at long range. Decrease to make tracers more useful at long range.
           0 = Tracers can increase CTH indefinitely. The more you fire, the more accurate you are.
           3 = HAM Default. At a range of about 30 tiles, tracers can only increase your CTH back to its original value.
           See also REALISTIC_TRACERS

By default, its set to 1. The problem is I have no idea what 1 setting does or what 2 does becose there is no description for those settings.

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; The next three settings control realistic tracer fire.
; REALISTIC_TRACERS: Toggle Realistic Tracers. 
; 0 = off (regular tracers). 
; 1 = Fully realistic tracers - cause CTH bumps but no autofire penalty reduction. 
; 2 = Tracer Bump + 1.13 (repaired!) Autofire Penalty Reduction
; NUM_BULLETS_PER_TRACER: Controls the ratio between regular and tracer bullets in any tracer magazine. 
; 0 = no tracers. 
; 1 = every bullet is a tracer. 
; 2 = bullets #2, #4, #6 etc. in the magazine are tracers.
; CTH_BUMP_PER_TRACER: Controls size of the CTH bonus given when a tracer is fired. Base bump equals to the current autofire
; penalty suffered from autofire, and that is directly modified by the value of the bump. Values around -30000 to +30000, but
; seriously, keep it around 20, willya?
; MIN_RANGE_FOR_TRACER: Controls the minimum range at which tracers will improve our CTH.  Listed in Tiles.


; When CTH_BUMP is used (see above), this caps the maximum CTH you can reach when using tracers, based on your range to
; the target. The further you are away from the target, the lower that cap will be.
; Increase this value to increase the importance of range in this calculation.
; Use this setting to prevent characters from becoming uber-accurate when firing a long chain of tracer bullets.

Seems description offered in IniEditor differs from the one directly in ja2_options.ini
(probably caused by description-xml for IniEditor not being updated when text was changed)

You can open the ini with a texteditor like notepad++ (or simular). That not only will let you see up-to-date descriptions, but also allows to make use of the search function of the texteditor, which can come in handy.

I read this roughly as:

1 = (value from CtH-Bump)/1  
2 = (value from CtH-Bump)/2
3 = (value from CtH-Bump)/3
4 = (value from CtH-Bump)/4

and so on

where possible values from 1-10 can be seen as about: 1 = 10 tiles, 2 = 20 tiles, 3 = 30 tiles, etc.

(note: as stated above, that's a rough, simplified explanation)

If you want to know for sure, open up code (public available at gitHub) (with i.e. VisualStudio) and use the search function for the term
Most likely it won't be something like a straightforward divison, rather some sort of multifactor formula including a division on which the value provided here will have an effect
Such a formula would be out of scope of what should be provided as information in the ini, at least in my opinion

Basically, the higher the value, the bigger the effect of range on max CtH provided by tracer ammo

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I need more details. (Didi Hallervorden)

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