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Ok, SOG has some great set peice and scenario type set up maps, so anyone have any great stories about huge gun battles and heroics?

i have had a couple of great moments.

the first time you enter the city sector and you stumble into your 1st VC vs USMC fight i entered at day time, i was doing ok, but the marines were getting a bit cut up. there are 3 VC on the small side street bits by the long huts in the SE area of the map and 1 marine inside one of the houses, he opens the door, nails 1 with a throw knife, runs up to the 2nd kills him fists, avoides the 3 square away VC's burst fire and then takes him out hand to hand, was a full on NPC rambo moment. when he was final shot and was dying, i had MD move out of cover, sprint across open ground to get to him! he made it.

another would be in An Loc base, i just arrived and got right into the fight, my 1st plan was to get 2 of my men into each sandbagged fox hole asap and try to hold. this didn't work out too well one of the NPC's screwed up a 'nade throw and blew a hold in one of the sandbags, the perimiter was breached! i dropped my man back to Ponders HQ, to try to make a stand inside, i get most in a couple are cut off and make a break for the jungle and the cover there. well, inside Sarge spys a button on the wall, remembers the situation and Lt.Stones FB, and hit the switch.... thank god i had saved game.

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Oh man, I played SOG 69 two or three years ago, and I can still remember how awesome the battles were, though I can't remember specifics. I was a relative novice back then, and the first VC-USMC fight in the village was the first time I actually pressed an advance, trying to keep up with the marines while keeping my mercs alive. I must say it was amazing, although not as amazing as that An Loc fight which i played maybe 10 times before I managed to get all mercs to survive the battle. I also loved the ambushes while going downriver. Hell, there's a good reason why SOG 69 still is my favourite campaign mod. I wish somebody converts it to 1.13, then I'll definitely have another go at it!!!

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