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if ur good with the JA2 1.13 map editor, make a route from nearby omerta (like a hut that takes u undergound to tixa basement sublevel 1, making a tunnel optional) and a such route to drassen. this way u have a quick way to get to drassen via omerta in only 2 mins and claim the mine and own tixa guards, then get to the creature lair. !!! CREATURES ARE TOUGH AND AGILE. STAY FAR FROM IT AND STOCK UP ON 1st AID AND REGEN BOOSTS. ALSO STAY FAR BUT WITHIN FIRING RANGE!!!. close up shots with even a .50 BMG will only do like 5 damage so stay far to possibly own a grown creature in 1 shot. its also recommended for a metal storm or a fast MG with lots of ammo. after u uown the hut and c deidranna clips, use ur custom made tunnel(u DID make 1 right?) to go to drassen and get militia. once fred closes the mine, get more 1st aid, armor and ammo and U MUST USE REGEN BOOSTERS OR ELSE UL GET OWNED!. creatures make a acid cloud and it can do up to 30 damage on each member. go to drassen mine shaft and look for a blue hole. crepitus hides in the purple-shaded tunnels. its long and theres lots of adult creatures so wath ur ass. grenades or explosives recommended for crepitus queen as her acid spray has alarge coverage and hits over 50. making a 3-point route to omerta -> tixa -> drassen in map editor takes time. but if u make tixa point under near creature ladder, ull avoid much of the fight in basement and above ground. !!! Crepitus Queen drops 3-10 blobs of jelly. Use it as armor up or sell for $2.5K each

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this has to be the dumbest shit ive ever read. why not just cheat?

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this has to be the dumbest shit ive ever read. why not just cheat?

Then necroing a 5 year dead thread to complain that it's dumb must be the dumbest shit I've ever read.

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