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from http://www.jaggedalliance.com

Jagged Alliance Online is taking Jagged Alliance to the next level: Introducing MMORPG mechanisms and mixing them with the convenience of Browser Games while preserving the core gameplay of the franchise
In Jagged Alliance Online you run a tough as nails mercenary company and take your crew into the heat of battle in scenarios around the globe - live and online!
Manage your base, equip your mercenaries and send them on a wide variety of missions, entering the action packed tactical combat, amassing fame and fortune.
You can play the missions directly on the tactical map, using the critically acclaimed Jagged Alliance mix of turn-based and real-time combat. Mercenaries use action points for every action from walking to shooting, hiding, taking cover or disarming a booby trap. Mercenaries collect experience and can be trained in various skills and abilities. Each mercenary has an individual character and abilities making them unique.

- Tactical Turn based Action in 3D isometric graphics with parameterized maps for fresh challenges
- Management of mercenary company with extended RPG system
- Synchronous and asynchronous online PvE, co-op and PvP
- Build up your own HQ
- Players can choose to accept campaigns, which are essentially a string of missions on a specific map that need to be resolved within a given time frame.
- Players can support other

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Might be decent, but one of two things would make it not JA for me: either everyone has access to the same mercs, and end up with similar rosters, or they change it from merc characters to "roles" so you'd have sniper, medic, rifleman, machinegunner. Either way I think I'll stick to single player.

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Wait - rent out mercs? So you run some version of A.I.M. or M.E.R.C. yourself and can hire from other players vice versa? That's kind of... odd. I just hope they implement a pure single player mode where nobody else invades your game, I don't care for all that MMO stuff.
I'm also a little scared by the mentioning of time pressure to resolve missions. Does that mean "ingame time" or do you actually have a real life time limit? Either way, I don't like time limits.

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If it is time for turns then it is fine, cause in MP you need a turnlimit, esspecially in 2v2, 3v3 or more ...

Well Jagged Alliance Online has a deep reason for it's "online" in the name, guess why? Because you can play against each other online. Thats the main claim, btw yes you can play alone / against ki...

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Re: What is JA Online[message #300238] Fri, 24 February 2012 23:25 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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with regards to the merc thing - i think everyone get to pick from the same pool of mercs -

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I've been playing it for a couple of hours and I must say its better then I thought it would be.
In deed all got same merc pool but you level them so their not gonne be the same as from other players.
at least you got your own IMP like merc unlike in BIA Wink
The game looks a lot like BIA but it isnt.

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Has anyone else played this?
I just tried to login, trying both Chrome and IE as my browsers. Unfortunately, I can't get in. I get an error message indicating I have botched the password. I even tried to reset it.

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Re: What is JA Online[message #319472] Mon, 13 May 2013 04:47 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Well, i gave it a go recently, mainly to get an impression of what the Unity engine used for JA:F can do.

I have to say, its somewhat fun for a cuple of hours, but then gets boring really fast. Mainly because the actual tactical possibilities are so limited. There are no melee attacks, no grenades or explosives, no suppressed wepons for stealthy kills, no night vision, no looting of containers or stealing guns from enemies, no lockpicking etc. it simply lacks most of the tactical depth and diversity one is used from JA2.

Also, every mission mostly plays the very same, since there is really only one single viable strategy despite the different tactical roles for the mercs: set up your snipers or long range/machinegunners, use your assaulter to lure the enemies in range and try to kill them off with concentrated fire as quickly as possible before you get swamped with reinforcements. If you take the enemies head on and in close combat, the game turns into a slugfest where everyone just unloads at the enemy a few tiles away for a couple of turns until one drops eventually.
And the cover system is mostly useless most of the times and good armor and guns are far more important for survival than cleverly using advantageous tactical positions, of which there are few enough.

Also, the maps themselves are kinda boring and limited, even though quite varied thematically. But there are no second height levels, so no using high ground as advantage. You cannot climb over walls or cut fences, so your actual movement options are very limited.
Also, the maps are all rather small and often very linear.

The game also pesters you constantly with ads to purchase premium content. Especially the fact that all ammo types other than FMJ/ball can only be purchased through premium currency or won through missions is kinda pathetic. Pay to win more easily anyone?

On the good side, the graphics look quite acceptable and do their job.
The mercs look and sound very familiar and many sounds have been taken directly from JA2. The UI and handling is allright, albeit not quite as smooth as used from JA2. Especially the fact that you cannot zoom or rotate the POV at all is often a problem and very unergonomic.

Overall, it kinda feels like a JA2 light MMO, a nice try and little snack for inbetween, but definitely anemic when compared to a monster of tactical and strategic depth like 1.13.

Full Control will have to do a LOT better than that if JA:F is to be any successful and a worthy successor to the venerable JA2.
Currently, there is little that motivates me to continue playing JA:O any further.

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Re: What is JA Online[message #320005] Sat, 18 May 2013 01:37 Go to previous message
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Mechanics wise they got enough right that I kept playing but yeah.. like the guy above me says it's missing a lot and is pretty much a stripped down version.

I stopped playing when I ran into the first boss and they made him a big hassle to take down without spending microtransaction money on armour piercing bullets lol.

I might have supported the F2P version if more features made it back in and I was paying for content rather than the arbitary "please pay us" design mechanisms but ah well.. the game isn't worth it.

They should have shot for a bigger download size, it's a bit small even by shitty north american non-fiber standards and limited the game's potential too much.

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