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Hey Guys,

I do not remember wheather this has been discussed before, but ... just finished another game of classic Ja2. This time Ironman - inspired by Headshots outstanding chronicles of his way throughout Danibia. (If you haven't read it yet, give it a try, it's real great stuff)
But back on topic ... after finishing I looked back, and wondered what the most intense battle was? My answer would be: The frontal assault upon Meduna Palace at night. (Not having beforehand taken the underground sector via the gardens.)

By that time my team consisted of my female Imp Dawn (Auto.Wep, HtH), Grunty, Igor, Ivan and Iggy all heavily equipped (Hk21, M14, Rocket Rifle, Laws, Mortar and plenty shells, etc.) and all top notch with high markmanship (99) and level 9 or 10 experience. And UV-goggles of course.

Though it wasn't a easy one with all those grey shirts endlessly pouring out of the main gate, after blasting it. And even better: Reinforcements constantly popping up at the northern edge of the map, so you're forced to watch your flaks as well! Then of course it came, allready pinned down: the most dreaded sound of all - mortar fire. Got one direct hit and most mercs down (with only five you have to keep them close together to maintain firepower), but I am able to patch them up with regen boost and thus can hold the position for the while being, but heavily pinned down by the onslaugt. Kill some more greyshirts, but just by the time I get confident again and believe that I may get out of this on top and in one or two pieces: another mortar blasting Iggy way to hell.

In the end I got the palace, thanks to regenboosts, but lost Iggy. That's my most intense battle, or at least the last one I can think of.

So what, when and where did you encounter your heaviest and most intense battles? I guess Ja2 is full of it. So come on, share yours.

- Forsaken

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DL Campaign and 8000+ savegame, with those damn teleports - Daytime, landed in the middle of the sector - can't remember which but it had a fenced compound with a chopper hangar, another building, some crates ... and 50-something badguys!

Lucky I had some serious mothers on the team - Gus, Scully, Sidney (handy with those 'nades). as well as Maddog, Slay, and ... Vince.
So at least we got the first reaction, which was to pop smoke and head for the paltry cover of a few crates in the hangar.
This was followed by a Talon-duel punctuated by full-auto sniping whenever a head appeared through the smoke.
With only one entrance into the compound, there was little risk of being surrounded - but we couldn't encircle them either.
After a few LAWs were expended countering human waves, the enemy got wise and brought a couple of snipers into play. These few unseen elites seriously f*cked up my team, so I had to seize the initiative.
Those that had them, dosed up on combat drugs. The others, too wounded to move, lay more smoke. Scully dashed into the fog and single-handedly took the other building. Slay went to work on a quiet section of fence with the wirecutters. And Sidney stalked behind a chopper, tossing frags & flashbangs from the mists.
The other three could only crawl about, fire a random burst, Talon grenade, or bleed quietly - it was too damned dangerous to rise to a kneeling position, so first aid was out of the question. They had nothing more than some flimsy crates and a smokescreen to protect them.

From their new vantage points the team reclaimed the battle. The building had superior cover and allowed Scully to locate the enemy & use his OICW from surprise. Gus eventually joined him and launched the final LAWs to obliterate the snipers' positions.
Slay crept around the outside of the compound, terminating isolated soldiers with the silenced sniper, and spotting larger groups for the other squaddies to target.
Sidney soon ran out of throwables, but created a deadly crossfire during his advance, eventually doing a one-man overrun on what remained of the enemy.

What made this combat intense, was DL's teleports & being dropped right into the middle of a bunch of badguys. No doubt, with the "ambush" facility built into NightOps, that mod also has the potential for some seriously ball-tearing firefights.

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The russian team in Wildfire...
Ivan and Igor with RPKs,
Iggy with the mortar,taloned Abakan and remote control-paired with my minitank(robot with HEAP ammo in the V94).
Soldiers and blue civilians faction hostile.
6 tanks in flames.
All the road was painted blue.
6 drums of 7.62 WP ammo used.Igor's RPK has really shot the rifling out of the barrel:status 59...

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i am re-reading the 32 enemies per sector - i posted a lot of stuff a while back - a lot of intense battles there. makes for great reading, even if i say so myself Razz

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I never get such intense battles as you all, but if playing JA2, north of deidranna palace is the most intense battle. I hate those elites of deidranna... hollow point ammo cant kill them easily. But they can kill my mercs easily using HP munition while all my mercs using the best available armours and stuff...

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Try using AP ammo (the red bullets) rather than blue, and if you have armor on they cant (AFAIK) hurt you with hollow point, although it takes away more energy

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Nope, even i using the spectra helmet, vest and legging with that red glue also can die... that is what i hate the most, plus i even put 100% ceramic plates on it ~_~ and sometimes even spectra helmet also the merc head blew off WAHAHAHAHHAHAH. That make me laugh a lot... ridiculous, they wear spectra, their head will not blown by my gun but in reverse way for player. hahaha

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