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Note: This guide is for militia as they are in version 1.06, supposedly the militia will get an upgrade at some point.

So, there has been a lot of complaining about militia not being affective in this game. I have not found this to be the case, you just have to treat the militia nice and they will hold your territory for you.

So, let's start at the beginning, because you never know. In order to create militia you have to talk to a guy with a blue fist above his head. Then you give him a
weapon, any weapon, and he becomes militia.

So, what kind of weapon should you give them? Glad you asked. You should absolutely not give them melee weapons! They will be extremely ineffective and get trampled quickly. In order to determine the next worse weapon, you have to look at the area. If it has wide open areas then it is handguns. If it is a city then it is the sniper rifle. The third worse is either the sniper rifle or the handgun, depending on which one was second worse. So, to sum up before moving on to what to give them. Melee weapons are only good for areas you want to be nothing more than speed bumps for the enemy, handguns and sniper rifles should be avoided as militia weapons if possible.

The best weapon to give militia is a good old fashion assault rifle. The better the assault rifle the better the militia will do. That simple. In my game 4 militia armed with ak47's, and one with a quarter durability flak jacket, took out a group of 7 of the queens goons only loosing 2 of their own (including the one with the vest strangely). And they were 3 level 1s and a level 2. Then I watched a few of the militia fights and became clear why. The militia will seek basic cover and they well kneel and spray if they have the right weapon. This is actually the most effective tactic for them since they usually play hero and engage the entire enemy squad solo.

After assault rifles, SMGs and LMGs are also affective because they also allow for spray and pray.

Now, before you go giving a militia a weapon one last thing, repair it to full. Not only does this give you a ton of exp (in my game wolf made level 10 when the rest weren't even at 8 yet because of this), but it gives your militia a gun that wont jam. I really believe most people who complain that they can't even hold the mine much less any cities it is because they give their militia a bunch of the wrong weapons that are in red condition. Make sure the weapon is repaired to full 100%, because it will degrade. If any area is important and has been through a few fights, when you go to replenish the militia take a few minutes and check on the quality of a few remaining militia, if you find a bunch with weapons in bad shape, just target the militia for repair and fix his gun for him.

If you upgrade your armor before it is completely gone (chest and helmet only), don't sell it. Money quickly becomes useless in this game, you will soon have more than you know what to do with (talking millions here). Instead, give it to the militia of some important place you really want to keep. You will notice a difference with the militia.

Finally, don't let your militia get too low. If it is a place that keeps getting attacked, then visit it and restore the militia as frequently as possible. If you can, also consider getting roadblocks or whatever on the approach to the area. Roadblocks generate no income and are easy to retake. And even if they have no militia all or most of an enemy squad will stop to man it, thus saving the city or facility behind it to level its militia and get more loyalty for a little longer.

If you have anything to add, please feel free to add it below.


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Your posts are interesting and informative DH , thanks . :cheers:

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- I agree they work best with automatics, but shotguns aren't bad either, depending on soldier's position.

- It helps them a lot if you have at least one or two mercenaries present in the sector helping them out, for example sniping from the roof next to the bar in Cambria. Even someone as weak as Ira, Dimitri or Miguel with help of a dozen militiamen can defend the city. Unlike in JA2 where there were wages, here you can have a few smaller defence teams positioned strategically protecting your assets. Hire Grunty+Igor+Ivan, Raven+Raider, Sidney+Scope, and let them work together while your main assault squad does the heavy lifting elsewhere on the map. Defence battles should be as much fun as offensive ones, and if you are in the sector, you can pick up all the dropped weapons and rearm the militia immediately.

- After midgame you want to take the SAM in front of Meduna, post there a solid presence and just take on Deidranna's patrols as they come to you, one after another after another.

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It helps to plant some mines as well.
The mines may not always kill the enemies but they'll stop to heal therefore you can still try to kill those heavy wounded.
It also buys time for your militia to wake up and start shooting.
The enemy seems to always take the same path to attack, so it will be easy to figure out where you want a couple of mines placed, just make sure you or your militia will be able to finish them off.
At the moment (day 19) I have Ira and Maddog stationed at Cambria.
Ira snipes with a 12xscoped Vintorez and is 95% urban camoflage.
Instead of putting her next to the billboard on the roof of the shop ,I have her laying down below in the corner on the path that leads from the truck past the shop to that house with the ladder at the back.
There's a little niche that provides cover and of course the fact she's camo'd and silent the enemy hardly ever spots her.
And if they do she can still crouch around the corner trow a smoke nade heal if necessary.
I know the vintorez ammo hasn't high AP value but it can burst and those seem to be quite accurate,plus if all goes well with the mines Maddog placed, those enemies don't have much armor left Wink
Headshots mostly 4 on each target I can hit, even if aiming box says unlikely to hit. They'll come closer and it'll change to likely or certain to hit.
Maddog runs around with a spas15 or an smg but shot gun is more likely to hit multiple targets and grenades.
I want to hit as much as I can because it gives xp.

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version 1.06

If you control only the top half of the map, the enemy patrol attacks Grumm roadblock and Cambria. Arm your militias here with your best assault weapons, landmines, ...and a few mercs if you can spare them.

If you are closer to Meduna, as already mentioned by delray, take Meduna city/Maze or Meduna airport & SAM site early on. Use a merc squad or two to protect these sites. Stop the emeny patrol advance here, ...and you will no longer have to bother with using & arming militias on the other sites on the map.

I like girls and guns, and so I have armed all my militia girls. Since my militia girls don't have to fight to defend the sites, no need for armoured vest and best of all, ...clothing is now optional fot the girls.

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