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How do repairing and healing work in detail?[message #301256] Wed, 07 March 2012 19:38 Go to next message
Sam Hotte

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The question is not about what to do in game to repair or heal (i do know that; it's covered in the manual) but:

How much points cann the different tools and kits repair/heal? And in what way do coresponding skills influence the outcome?

E.g. repairing:
How many points of durability can be max. restored by gun oil? Is it the "effiency" value (=10)?
And if so what skill values have to be met in order to get those 10 repair points out of a successful application of gun oil?

What i figured out myself (or is explained in game and manual) is that a gun's condition has to be "green" to apply the oil, at least "yellow" to use cleaning kit and the big tool box can repair even "red" condition to at least a stage of "green" (but not necessarily to max durability).

Same with healing: what sort of utility is needed to stop bleeding, heal wounds etc. is explained in game/manual - but how many health points can be max restored by what? And what are prerequisites skill wise to achieve the max restoration possible with each tool?

Does anybody know about that?

Pls share your thoughts and insight! Smile


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Sergeant Major
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I am not sure with the exact numbers. But for the rule of thumb, Oil can only be used to repair weapons that are slightly damaged, being GREEN does always means that it can be repaired with oil, the Weapon Cleaning kit should be used to repair YELLOW durability weapons as well as GREEN ones that cannot be repaired by the oil. Weapons in the RED needs to be repaired with the repair tool. Keep in mind that sometimes a single repair is not enough to restore a weapon to 100%, so you will want to have multiple kits. Also note that a higher level repair tool can be used to repair slightly damaged weapons (ie, using the repair tool to repair a yellow condition weapon), but also keep in mind that the better tool also have higher chance of failure.

I think the oil can be used by everyone. Weapon cleaning kit need 30 Repair skill to use, while the Toolbox need 50. DEX only reduce the chance of failing to repair.

For the medikits, their differences only comes in the amount of HP healed. However, keep in mind that the Syringes are not able to stop bleeding. You need at least Bandages for that.

Syringes need 20 Medical skills to use, Bandages needs 30, First Aid Kit needs 50, and Medical Kit needs 80.

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Re: How do repairing and healing work in detail?[message #301313] Thu, 08 March 2012 12:09 Go to previous message
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Oil works only on items with more than 90% durability. Repairs to 100%.
Field Kit works on yellow items. Repairs to 100%.
Repair Kit works on red items, but has a chance to only repair to yellow.

It's hard to put out numbers because it actually relies on your merc more than the kit.

From my experience, maximum efficiency is above 90%. I have 80% mechanics who still fail once in a while.

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