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Okay. How many PC games are still being sold after THIRTEEN years? XCOM maybe. Even after upteen play throughs, there are aspects of the game I've never experienced. Like being captured. When ever I have a chance to talk to a n00b about PC games, I always urge them to get JA2 and Ver. 1.13. Good grief. Think about it folks. People are actively modding a game that sold in 1999. Sir-Tech and Talonsoft are just memories now. The fact that someone has taken the risk to produce JABIA is flattering, actually.
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Too bad those who made BiA probably haven't tried 1.13.

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1.13 and the other JA2 mods are what can happen when game developers release the source code instead of hoarding it away Wink

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The frustrating part to me about BiA is not that it's unlike 1.13... it's that it's not even that much like JA2 vanilla. And on top of that, evaluating it by today's gaming standards, it still falls short of the mark, even had I not had certain expectations of it from my JA2 history.

I even tried to give it another go, after reading some positive reviews for it here in the forums, and I found it a needlessly frustrating experience on too many levels. Uninstalled and unmissed.

And the sad thing is, if the game fails, the blame will fall on the franchise, and not on the crappy job the gaming studio did with it.

Hope the online game is better. JA2 deserves a better legacy than what BiA is providing.

Thankfully the original game has a solid following all these years later. It would be even more frustrating if such a dedicated fan base didn't exist, and we were completely subject to professional game companies for our JA fix. Fan based modifications will always make a game last years longer than it otherwise might, and they pump energy into a fanbase that can keep a franchise active. There are other examples... look at how persistent the communities have been for:

-All of the newer Bethesda RPGs. Huge numbers of mods and custom content.
-Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2. More so 1, which was easier to work with. Tons of custom tilesets, costumes, maps, and DM interface tools.
-Half Life 1 and 2 (Counterstrike, anyone? And some of the other mods for these two are among the most professional and polished work I've ever seen.)
-Minecraft (An entire game where the focus is player-creativity is bound to have an active community. This little Indy game has a lot of charm.)

And even lesser examples, like the fan-made patches to continue updating and bugfixing games like Fallout 1 & 2, or Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.

These games largely have in common the ability to modify them, either because an editor program was released, or because they are simple enough games that programmers can figure them out. Sometimes both. And even beyond the mere ability to modify them, most of them engage the player's imagination in a compelling way, with open ended game play and environments... the Half Life series being sort of an exception here.

And you can talk up 1.13 all you want, but that's only a small part of the active JA2 community. These very forums offer ample proof of that.
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