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Militia AI in this game is notorious stupid. They always charge the enemy regardless of what weapon I give them. I know it doesn't matter for auto-resolve battles, but for the sake of milking every little drop of advantage you can, which weapon type would suit the militia AI during actual battles when you have mercs in the sector? I notice that they ever only assume two positions: kneel and run. So I am thinking the best weapon for them would be assault rifles? Thoughts? It seems sniper rifles and machine guns would not be ideal for at least one of these positions, but the assault rifle is a good 'all around' weapon.

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Sam Hotte

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Yes, ARs - and esp. those that offer best armor penetration and damage - are probably best.
Since they usually "spray'n'pray" but do not have to care about ammo, heavy weapons like e.g. auto rocket gun may also work well with militia. Smile

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Sergeant Major
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I think best weapon type for militia is "don't bother with militia, and use guns to generate income so that you can hire more mercs." I played the vanilla game a little while and I realized that you can only hire a very low number of milita except in, say Cambria, and they are never enough to defend. Then I quickly opted to get the mod Combat Evolved, which makes the game much harder and more engrossing (even on hard, vanilla game is just ridiculously easy; even combat evolved easy is way to easy). But in either vanilla or combat evolved, I find the militia to be painfully useless. If left alone, ten of them can't beat 8 attackers, and when I have only 2 mercs in the sector I can beat the same 8 attackers. The fact that the attacking enemies simply rush you and allow you to pick off enemies from the prone, and the fact that the attack forces seem to be losers who are not as tough as the original occupants of the sector, means you can defend most sectors with two mercs. And once you take Cambria, almost every attack force has to pass through there, so if you just leave a three or four man team in / near Cambria, they can mop up attack patrols.

PLUS.... I don't know if this is different in vanilla, because I did not get to that point, but in CE there is no 18 man limit like in JA2, so you can hire mercs until you run out of money, and as long as you keep attacking, you will never run out of money. That is something that is definitely NOT different in vanilla or CE; you make the most money from selling diamonds and jewelry and excess guns. So that makes the milita even more useless, because they are defending locations that have no real strategic value. If you lose a mine for a day or two, it won't matter, as long as you pounded Grumm and sold off all the gear there.

Right now on CE where I am, the only thing keeping me from selling off hundreds of excess firearms is that all the buyers in the towns have no cash. So with militia uselessness, fact that I can hire so many extra mercs, and fact attack forces so weak, there is no point in running around talking to militia equipping them with guns. Waste of time.

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