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To set things straight: BiA is a Coreplay game - bC is just the publisher[message #321015] Mon, 27 May 2013 21:53 Go to next message
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Everyone hates bC for BiA and they do share part of the blame for sanctioning and producing it, but the actual game developer was Coreplay, not bC.

If I am not wrong even the game engine is their own tech.

The surprising fact is that they are working on a CRPG (Chaos Chronicles), despite the fact that they took out of BiA almost every ounce of the RPG that made it great...

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Re: To set things straight: BiA is a Coreplay game - bC is just the publisher[message #321063] Tue, 28 May 2013 11:36 Go to previous message
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That may well all be Shanga.

However, BC started the project, chose the developers and greenlit the concept, which was flawed from the very beginning, not to mention financing it i assume. Sure, the developers fugged up royally, but in the end, it was BC who made the decisive calls all along, so they do carry the responsibility.

And i am sure, they are very aware of their guilt, seeing as how they gave Full Control another chance with the license to make up for it and deliver a product that can revive the franchise whose reputation they mangled so badly.

Sure, everybody can make mistakes, but in the end, success as a developer and publisher depends also on the ability to know where not to go and what better not to publish, since every company is solely fully responsible for the quality of their products before they release it to the market.
And if you DO release a flawed or sub-par product, then it is your sole responsibility, to either fix it ASAP, or seek to come up with a better version to replace it. And since there wasn

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