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Need some advices regarding AR expert game setup[message #336869] Mon, 20 October 2014 21:10 Go to next message
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Hello everyone! I'm quite new here and hoping the community will help me Smile

I've decided to get back in JA2, the game I played so much for many years after release, getting a stable version on GoG and enhance my gaming experience as well with updating it to 1.13 and installing Arulco Revisited. This mod is just brilliant in general and I must admit the game just shines with it.

However I still feel I can't start a "perfect" campaign and this makes me a bit sad, heh. I've tried to start the campaign few times, playing with setup a bit to get what I really want but every time something bothers me. So what do I basically want?

Of course, it's going to be an Expert level game, with all your FAQ suggestions taken in consideration. But what I don't like so far is the endless hordes of enemies roaming the territory. I really like how hard it's now to take even small cities such as Drassen and how much strategy it takes (plus, I'm playing with ironman mode), but I don't like all these endless waves of enemies trying to retake any city after it was captured, which sometimes causes the situation when you're almost out of militia and your mercenaries are so tired after defending sectors for 3-4 times in a row, but enemies just keep arriving and arriving. Also I don't like how some battles outside cities are handled, like it was in my last game, when I arrived to sector with Skyrider's house and bumped into a group of like 12-14 enemies with my small 5 mercenaries squad. During the fight about 20 more enemies arrived as well. I won the fight anyway, but mostly due bad location of reinforcements which made this battle look like a fight vs. zombies. Plus, all that high number of battles makes mercenaries progress so fast that just after 1-2 weeks in Arulco many of them becoming real AIM veterans.

So guys, what are your suggestions how to:

1. Keep the game on Expert level in general (because just lowering difficulty ruins the gameplay), but allow me to focus more of really serious operations/fights and detailed finances and squads management instead of just jumping like crazy between sectors trying to defend mine from another 40-50 enemies just after I killed 100 of them already in past few days, heal someone or maybe get a chance to train some militias? Increase number of militia trained, remove some reinforcements options, something else maybe?
2. Slow mercenaries progress like x2 if not x3-x4 times to make finances management and co-operation with AIM and MERC really worthwhile (I really like when you have very limited finances to hire only few worst mercenaries from the start and then try to get better people over time instead of just making your novices some kind of AIM monsters in a month, breaking the whole idea of hiring system).

Will be really happy if someone will read this and help me to get my AR full hardcore experience with a long-term campaign Smile

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Ja2_Options.INI is what you want. Too exhausted to help with the details but it's all in there.

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You can:
- play on expert with strategic settings set to easy level in ja2_options.ini - there will be less attacks. [Strategic Enemy AI Settings]
- disable reinforcements (ALLOW_REINFORCEMENTS = FALSE) - enemy will have to attack one squad at a time. if I remember correctly it's still possible to use militia from adjacent sectors for autoresolve even with disabled reinforcements
- make militia stronger in [Militia Strength Settings]
- use mobile militia to keep key sectors like roadblocks
- allow training of veteran militia - they are much better. ALLOW_TRAINING_ELITE_MILITIA = TRUE

Increase subpoints x2, I think it will be enough as there will be less battles with mercs
; Attributes
; Skills
; Experience

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Re: Need some advices regarding AR expert game setup[message #336913] Tue, 21 October 2014 21:21 Go to previous message
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Thanks a lot for this detailed information, will try it as soon as possible in my new campaign. Not sure I'll remove reinforcements though if there really gonna be less attacks, I think it will be enough Smile

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