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Best pistols?[message #71886] Mon, 22 September 2003 10:15 Go to next message
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I was thinking of playing a game of DL wherein my team would use nothing but pistols. Of course, one can't trust those cheating redshirts to keep to that, so I'll need the greatest weapons possible. I was thinking lone eagles for outdoors and super shorties for indoors, but what are your ideas?

Or is this impossible and not worth even trying with?

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if you had enough ammo the FN five Seven has some nice stoping power. its like the p90 in pistol form without the burst. 20round clip, i use it as my backup silenced weapon. hard to find ammo is the only problem

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Re: Best pistols?[message #71888] Mon, 22 September 2003 17:47 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I think it is very possible if you're good at Night Ops and stealth. I sure as hell wouldn't assault Alma or Meduna in broad daylight using only pistols, you will find yourself outgunned pretty badly.

I too would use Super Shorty's for close quarter combat. I remember waisting *someone* in Grumm with Jubilee carrying two Super Shorty's and firing them once at point blank range. Load them up with AP and BS shells, a laserscope, rod&spring and if you like a barrel extender.

I would use the G11-PDW as a backup weapon/sidearm with a laserscope and silencer. It has a 3 bullet burst option which will come in handy. Ammo is dropped by the lots so no problem there.

FN five-seven is a good second option too. Redshirts drop them as soon as Chitzena and Ray sells them early as well. Ammo, though usually HP can be found reguraly, so no problem there. Once again equip them with laserscopes, silencers and maybe rod and springs and barrel extenders.

Lone Eagles...hmmm...huge stoppingpower, but low magazine capacity. I would go for the G11-PDW or the FN five-seven anytime!

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Re: Best pistols?[message #71889] Mon, 29 May 2006 12:25 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Not only is it possible, but I think I'll do it twice!

Kitty Kat Kat (Full name) My little brother's IMP. Used the Super Shorties thoughout the entire game. Those things are killers... (added rod&spring, laser sight, and barrel extenders, doncha know).

And I always did daylight assaults. Sure, the super shorties didn't work as well when the enemy cowers behind a rock or tree, but what shotgun does?

If I were to trust those weird white numbers, I'd guess the dual super shorties do up to 200 points of damage total

Of course, since I stole from Tony's shop. I had the Barret and Pulse Rifle since day three Razz I used Miguel as a sniper and Maddog as the psychotic hillbilly with a pulse rifle, as backup.


In my replay, I'm planning on using a martial artist IMP named Dracula to weild the Lone Eagles. The sound those thing make could cause most people to void their bowels O.o Needless to say, I wouldn't silence it even if it were possible.

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FN Five-seveN 5.7mm, 20 Rounds. I'll take that over ANY of the pistols! (not only because of the game, but it's my favorite... with the Beretta 92FS or 93R, and just behind comes the Glock 18C Machine Pistol)

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Re: Best pistols?[message #71891] Sun, 18 June 2006 04:42 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I have just about completed DL (currently on Meduna's outskirts) using the MP5SD6 (laser and sniper scope equipped) as primary weapon with the Walther P99 (silencer and laser scope equipped) as a back up weapon. I stayed in the 9mm category so I could standardize ammo for the squads.I usually do night ops and thus far have done quite well in combat.

A few observations:

1. The 9mm AP is hard to come by as you progress in the game. I bought everything I could at Ray's in San Mona and Booby Ray's on line. I am still a little tight with ammo and am using ammo conservation carefully. Stockpiling ammo would be recommended:)

2. I have two two person squards (Len, Scope, Jubilee, and IMP) and as long as they work in close proximity, I usually manage to come out on top in most firefights. I try to focus on headshots and bursts when the bad guys get 10 squares or so away. The 9mm does small amounts of damage which can be a pain since it may take 15 or so hits to down some of the enemies and can cause headaches when their friends show up to assist. I tend to use some grenades at this point and started having an M69 greneade launcher in each squard for targets of opportunity (tanks go down with several M69 rounds!)

3. The Night Ops help to keep my people awy from most of the bad guys and staying in the shadows gives me the edge in most situations. The few daylight firefights I got involved with got me shot up quite badly due to lack of fire power and lack of range with my weapons

4. Use a lot of camo and patience to move into firing positions.

I wish you luck in going through with pistols as primary weapons and might give it a try when this game is done. My previous game in DL was won with the M4 Carbines as primary weapons and I had loads of fun as I am this time around.

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Bob_Marley is currently offline Bob_Marley

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Dual suppressed lone eagles with scopes, lasers and R&S in the hands of Jubilie are deadly, especially at night, however, they have small ammo capacities and toward the end of the game ammo can get tight.

I didnt really use anyother pistols to any great degree, except as back ups, in which case they were rarely used.

TMP's kick ass, but are really SMGs. Give 'em to fox and load them up with AP and watch the red shirts go down.

My personal favorate for night fighting in DL was the FAMAS with a silencer and all the other usual attachments. I've said it before and I'll say it again: All full auto, All the time! Thats the way to win night fights.

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Re: Best pistols?[message #71893] Thu, 20 July 2006 10:10 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Powerful silenced weapons rule night ops, I agree.

But my favorite night ops weapon is a knife. Not from using it a lot, just once. I started a game with my custom merc who immediately snuck off to the side of the map and left.

He came back at night and, with a knife, promptly snuck around the sector taking out enemies one by one.

No alarms raised. No one fired a shot.

It was fun to try, but for regular play you need firepower - I agree with Bob Marley.

My favorite tactic is to split my squad into two fire teams that work their way in on the sector from two angles (say, North and East), so if one runs into trouble it can run away while the other rolls in on the enemy flank to take the pressure off. (then of course the first team regroups and counter-attacks while the second group falls back. )

I played DL with the 8,000 enemies savegame, so inevitably you lose the element of surprise (but with silenced weapons they still have trouble figuring out where the shots come from. I remember those silenced SL9s were handy to have.

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I prefer knives for night combat.

Throwing knives>>>>silenced pistols at night.

You can take out any guard in one knife throw without alerting any other guards. If you have at least two throwing knives with you, night operations will be a breeze.

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Re: Best pistols?[message #71895] Sun, 10 September 2006 10:46 Go to previous message
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Pistols? Silenced assault rifles are where its at man!

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