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DL dilemma.... Need AP ammo!![message #73064] Sat, 26 August 2006 12:35 Go to next message
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Ok, first I want to say I love JA2 and been playing it since it came out, downloaded DL for the second time after I stopped playing and it brought back memories but heres my dilemma. I took two SAM sites, captured Drassen, Chitzena, Grumm, and San Mona (which along with Chitzena won't allow me to train militia, why?). Anywho, when I recently took Grumm, during a daring night op, I realized I had trouble dealing damage. i was fully outfitted with sniper rifles nad high powered rifles and I was hitting center mass (torso) however I was dealing little or no damage but then I realized that I was using HP ammo and they probably had good armor on. So now I need AP ammo but when I buy from Bobby Ray's I hardly get any if any at all. I can't find AP ammo of any caliber except for what the enemy drops which isn't much is there anyway to encourage Bobby Ray to carry more of it and quickly? BTW nice forum here.

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Have you tried hitting the enemies with your hands?

I haven't had any hard times with getting AP ammo... Then again. I had the pulse rifle and Barret on the 3rd or 4th day. (Took out all of San Mona to get it).

Bobby Rays. And possibly the in game gun merchants restock their stores every day at 9 AM. I like to check the website very frequently.

Since I had a IMP + Natives only campaign (Slay makes me happy in my pants)... I had no problem with spending about $30,000 a day.


If you mean things liike those 100 round boxes of 5.56 AP ammo. I'm sure that they've got plenty of that too, if you check back often enough.

Me? I just bought unholy amounts of Shotgun Shells, Pulse Rifle ammo. and .50 BMG whenever they showed up Mad

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Re: DL dilemma.... Need AP ammo!![message #73066] Thu, 07 September 2006 08:08 Go to previous message
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If you have ammo problems at one point in the game, the only thing you can do is to use shotguns or wait until night time and use knives, machetes, and throwing knives.

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