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Forum: v1.13 Weapon & Item Refinement
 Topic: Graphic problem
Graphic problem[message #363242] Sat, 15 May 2021 10:58
Registered:January 2021
Hi everybody, I want to change the Minimi for the Minigun, I replaced all Minimi sti files with the Minigun files, but I still see the Minimi ones in the game.

I miss sometning?
Forum: v1.13 General Gameplay Talk
 Topic: Enemy not attacking
Enemy not attacking[message #363189] Tue, 11 May 2021 07:45

Registered:December 2009
Location: Finland
So I don't have aggressive AI enabled nor reinforcements, .ini quite close to vanilla.

I've taken Alma and Drassen and after the few initial attacks, the enemy just hovers near town in groups of 10 while I have 20 militia per sector.

Is there some formula that calculates strengths before attacking and since reinforcements are unavailable, the enemy will never attack because I have more militia? Vanilla JA2 they would attack and lose 90 % of the time, but at least I had to go back in and train more militia. I'd prefer it this way.

Enabling aggressive queen will empty her pool quite quickly if I remember right and just results in battles spamming all the time. And I don't want unlimited troops either, got these financial setting that I have to keep moving all the time so with aggressive the game becomes a bit too hard.
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 Topic: Medic Patch Bug
Medic Patch Bug[message #363239] Sat, 15 May 2021 02:09

Registered:September 2018
it says you can upgrade both spectre helmet and commando vest. it doesnt work on commando vest while i can do it with helmet. so it is bugged i guess.

plus i dont understand whats the point of these upgrades? i upgraded my spectre helmet to medic helmet and i dont see any difference other than cross icon on helmet lol.

edit: i figured it out lol. it says commando vest but it works with only 2nd level commando vest. so you need to upgrade your spectre vest two times then apply the patch. when you do this you get new medic lbe patch too and same logic it works only with 2nd level commando lbe so you need to upgrade your lbe too.

tl/dr info is wrongly written in the game.

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