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Welcome to the read-only FAQ for AIMNAS. For questions not answered here, refer to the AIMNAS main thread.

First of all let me thank those who actively supported work on the AIMNAS project in the last years (in no particular order credits go to DepressivesBrot, Flugente, Headrock, Jenilee JMich, Logisteric, Tais, TheBob and Zombiehunter). If I forgot someone, well... sorry... drop me a line and I might include you.

Major FAQ Update made on 24th Dec. 2013

Q: What's the latest AIMNAS version?

A: AIMNAS XMAS Release, which was released on 24th Dec. 2013.

Q: What the hell IS AIMNAS anyways?

A: It's an Item mod for JA2 1.13, adding something between 1200 and 1400 items to the basic 1.13. It is also the only mod at this point of time that uses the big maps project.

Q: HOLY CRAP... 1200 items??? Whoa... is there a list of those???

A: Yupp.. check out the XML editor or the Gun liston page 1 of the latest AIMNAS main thread. For a sortable list of items check Jen's JA2 site.

Q: Can I finally play a full campaign with big maps?

A: Not yet. So far around 80 maps are done (rows A - E). I hope to get a few more maps done next year.

Q: I can`t find any items hidden in maps. What's up with that?

A: Don't bother searching, there are no items at the moment in the maps. Instead it is highly recommended to play with "drop all" enabled.

Q: Is it stable?

A: As stable as it gets. You might encounter a few graphic glitches in some maps, but those are hard to get rid off and are often times not reproducable. These glitches usually disappear, when you leave and re-enter tactical view.

Q: Why can't I use DBB, cosplay, or any random other mod with AIMNAS???

A: Because those mods and AIMNAS use different xml files. Using dbb stuff on an AIMNAS install would basically mean that you overwrite the AIMNAS files with DBB stuff (or vice versa) and thus get only garbage.

Q: I would like to know if the newest AIMNAS is avaiable in german (french, polish, chinese, swahili...), i was not able to find anything like that.

A: AIMNAS is only available in English. Making other language versions would be a lot of tedious work for me and my time is rather limited.

Q: But I noticed a lot of game text to be German? What's up with all those german subtitles?

A: I'm using a german JA2 Gold version to make this mod, I try to keep the german stuff out of the files I upload for DepressivesBrot and Tais who make the SCI's out of the mess I sent them. Sometimes they simply miss out on the German subtitle texts. German texts/subtitles etc you might encounter during gameplay is unintentional. As for a specific German version, see question above.

Q: How about NCTH support?

A: Yupp. Finally, AIMNAS supports NCTH. It is at the moment a default setting, but you can easily turn it off in the game start menu.

Give it a try and give feedback on it in the main AIMNAS thread.

Q: Why can't I train militia in certain town sectors?

A: Training militia in AIMNAS requires certain facilities to be present. Try training milita in town sectors that have military bases, rebel hideouts or A.C.A. buildings (local police stations).

Q: Meh... I don't like Bigmaps... anyway to play AIMNAS with regular maps?

A: Mimimimimi.... The XMAS Release is also considered a testversion for Bigmaps. If you don't like it, don't play it... or learn to mod yourself.

Q: I've seen there is a version of V27 around with older maps. I really want to play those...

A: Those versions are bootleg versions without any official support from my side. Do what you want with those, but don't expect any help from me on that issue.

Q: I just installed this mod over a clean install of ja2 gold. In the xml editor, I'm seeing the same items as in 113 mod?

A: Open XMLEditorInit.xml and change Data-1.13 to Data-AIM. Open the .xml file with notepad (or equivalent), not with XML Browser.

Q: I can't train militia in towns anymore???

A: Yes, you can... but you will need the sector with the A.C.A. building (A.C.A. is the Arulcan police), a rebel hideout or a military base for that.

Q: Where's V27? I've read about it, but I can't find it anywhere?

A: Yes, that's intended. I asked Tais to take it down.

Q: There are also no more files on your skydrive?

A: Yes, also intended. AIMNAS is still in closed beta mode, the XMAS release is just my holiday gift to the community and all the fans of my mod.

Q: Closed Beta? Cool, how I can I join in for testing?

A: You can't. Otherwise it wouldn't be a closed beta...

Q: Does the XMAS Release of AIMNAS support latest features by Flugente?

A: Yes and No.

Some features are supported, some are not.

I added values for overheating (no quick change barrels, yet) and dirt (including gun cleaning kit of course... but this feature is disabled on default and needs to be enabled manually in the ini, in my opinion it is rather tedious micromanagment and thus I decided to leave it as optional), handcuffs and prisons, scuba gear, tripwires...

Food is still not supported unfortunately, I had other priorities for this release. I will add food system sooner or later, though.

There is a radio item but I forgot to make it available at BR's. Next update will fix this. I hope to make an update asap once I get some feedback on the current release.

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