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What is ARC?
ARC is short for Arulco Rebel Command. Most of the gameplay for JA2 happens in tactical, so I've created this to add a little more to think about at the strategic layer.

What's new?
The two main things here are Directives and Administrative Actions. A Directive is a passive ability that's applied across the country to give you some useful bonuses, and an Admin Action is a passive ability that you can grant to towns that you capture. At the start of the game, you'll only have access to a couple of Directives, with a few more unlocking as you progress through the game. Admin Actions are randomly assigned from a pool to towns, and you'll be able to activate them as you capture towns.

Directives can be upgraded with money, and a new resource (Supplies) are used to take Admin Actions.

By default, loyalty gain is cut in half, and each town's maximum loyalty is reduced based on what difficulty you're playing on.

How does it work?
After completing an early quest, you'll get a popup indicating that you have access to a new website in your laptop, which will look something like this:
This is the national overview. Here, you can set and improve Directives, and have a quick glance at your militia's stats.

The regional overview gives you a run-down of what you can do once you've captured a town. Once you install an Administration Team (the first one is free!), the actions in the region will be made visible and available to you. You might notice that there's a Maximum Loyalty stat - if you're playing with this feature, you'll need to prove to the locals that you're here for real, and a region won't fully trust you unless you send some supplies their way. You may not have enough supplies to fully upgrade each region, so have a think about which areas are deserving of your supplies.

I tried playing this and it makes the game too easy/hard.
You can poke around in RebelCommand_Settings.ini to play with numbers! I can only balance for myself happy

Directives list:
View directives
Admin Actions list:
View admin actions
Keyboard Shortcuts:
At the ARC website, you can switch between national and regional views with TAB or SPACEBAR, and navigate through regions with A/D/Left/Right

ARC has interaction with a few other features:
- Enemy Roles (officers, medics, enemy traits)
- Intel
- Militia Resources
- Militia Volunteers

How can I play this?
This was checked in at r9153 and gamedir r2613. This will not break existing save games.

Edit Nov 7, 2022:
ARC expansion: missions!
Missions are available in version 9405 (source commit 78f2841, gamedir commit 4aec27a). This will not break existing save games.

- All admin actions except for Supply Line can be toggled on and off. This is important because...
- Daily supply income is reduced for every active admin action (tier does not matter)
- Removed the "Grant supplies to gain loyalty" button (changed this to a mission)
- Intel balance is now displayed on the ARC website
- The ARC website background is now slightly off-white
- Raid Mines directive now denies income to the ASD equal to twice the amount stolen
- Omerta (townid=1) can't have its admin team set to inactive or otherwise lose its innate admin team (this is effectively a cosmetic fix)

Agent Missions
The mission help screen
There is a new overview available - Missions! Where Directives are an ongoing single strategic bonus, Agent Missions can provide you with several temporary strategic bonuses.

A mission essentially has 3 states: offered, preparing, and active. When you go to the Mission Overview, you will see two missions offered to you. Sending an agent on one of the two will place that mission into preparing for 24 hours. Once preparations are completed, the mission will become active and you will start receiving its bonuses - assuming that preparations succeeded, of course.

In order to prepare a mission, you will need to send one of your mercs to prepare it. This is the tradeoff - you lose a merc for 24 hours in exchange for a strategic bonus that lasts for much longer (usually 3+ days). Higher level mercs will increase the chance that a mission is prepared successfully, and their skill traits may provide further bonuses to the active mission! You can also send a faceless generic rebel agent to prepare a mission, but they will receive no bonuses whatsoever; even a crummy level 1 merc will outperform them. The merc sent also needs to be in a loyal town (51+% loyalty).

If you're not sure what merc to use to prep a mission, one with Covert Ops is a good all-around choice - they are able to provide bonuses to every single mission.

Mission Pool/Spoilers!
View mission info

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