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ja2_options.ini says:
; 0 = Use default drop item system for enemies / militia.
; 1 = Use the new drop item system from XML-Files (EnemyWeaponDrops.xml, EnemyAmmoDrops.xml, EnemyArmourDrops.xml,
; EnemyExplosiveDrops.xml, EnemyMiscDrops.xml) for enemies (and militia).
; INFO: This drop system only takes effect, if you have not choosen "Enemies Drop All Items" in the start new game screen.

; This controls whether NPCs drop all their items when they are killed or the drop chances etc. come into play.
; 0 = Drop All is off and drop chances are used
; 1 = Drop All is on and everything is dropped
; 2 = Mild Drop All which means that everything is dropped (like 1) but items that are usually not dropped (like 0) are severely damaged.

So, if "drop-all" is chosen, the xmls mentioned in 01 are not taken into account.

It further mentions that it this case it will fall back to default drop system.

Guess what, I can't find out what the "default drop system" is supposssed to be.
Anyone knows?


For choices, I can't find out from which xmls they are choosing.

There are (xml sounding like general ones)

EnemyGunChoices.xml and EnemyItemChoices.xml

but also (xml based on enemy classes - Admin, Regular, Elite)

GunChoices_Enemy_Class.xml and ItemChoices_Enemy_Class.xml

For those, I'm not able to find out if there are settings that determine which of those are used.
Anyone knows?

I read in another post, that if drop-all is not used, the drops would be chosen randomly. Fine, but based on which of that xmls?
Anyone knows?

In the class-based xmls, there are commnets giving %-values. What are those based on?
The % in the index is game progress, but that makes those values in comments only more confusing.
Anyone knows?


Also, in all these scenarios, what is the deciding factor that instead all of this, the items chosen via MapEditor are chosen instead?
Anyone konows?

I currently started a game (r9405), tweaked ini to meet more ASD and Elites, drop-all on

Bad idea. What I wanted was a more challenging start. Instead it became easier.

By the time the team of six mercs had tarveled from Omerta to Drassen, i gathered enough loot to equip them all with end-game gear (vests, armor, weapons, kits, all of it).

Tried the same with more standard ini-settings, it's not as worse, but it still takes a lot of challenge out of the game. Boring.

So, if anyone knows how we can alter the item choices and drops of enemies in 2022, please help me out.

you can also answer at discord.


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I need more details. (Didi Hallervorden)

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