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I'm in the process of making some enhancements of some of the XML tags, specifically ones in items.xml for now at least, and would like to just let everyone know what's changing and get some feedback.

Change #1 - HiddenAttachment tag

I've changed this to be more effective. Currently, there are two similar tags - HiddenAttachment and HiddenAddon - and it's a bit confusing as to which does what; so much so that even coders have just been checking both tags to be safe.

HiddenAddon makes it so that you cannot tell if an attachment can be attached at all.

HiddenAttachment makes it so that you can't see the attachment in the enemy soldier tooltip.

Since that's all that HiddenAttachment does, I've changed it so that it will also hide the little green asterisk in the interface. This makes it so that any default & inseparable attachments don't draw your eye to the item, and distract you to think "oooh what's that special thing on that gun there?".

One good usage example is scope modes. You may have multiple scope item attachments, but does the player need to see that green asterisk on their scope?

This has a side effect of making the rod & spring not bring up an asterisk, so I'm interested to hear what you guys think.

Change #2 - Inseparable tag

This tag is currently just a boolean. An attachment is either removable or inseparable.

I've changed it so that it can have three values instead:
0 - removable (as before)
1 - inseparable (as before)
2 - replaceable

"Replaceable" means it's effectively inseparable, but can actually be detached if being replaced by a similar item.

One way that this could be used is to simplify the modular stocks used in various mods. Rather than giving every gun a -20% to hit and +20% when a stock is attached, you could just always require a stock to be attached.

Thoughts? Do we need a warning popup for this, like we have with inseparable attachments?

Any other XML tag behaviour change requests?

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When i first read it reminded me Truly Customizable Weapons Project. Maybe some gun not make a mod for this. Also this might be a nice addition to Overheating Weapons. A replacable barrel attachment, when overheated it gets damaged, when damaged it incurs some shooting penalties. Very nice addon. Thumbs up.

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